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Jarosław Kaczyński on reparations from Germany. Radosław Sikorski: this is the most important ally in the EU

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The words of Jarosław Kaczyński about the necessity to pay Poland war reparations by Germany are “a riff on our most important ally in the European Union” – stated in “Kropka nad i” PO MEP, former Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski. He noted that the government of the Polish People’s Republic renounced war reparations from Germany, which means that “from the legal point of view, the matter does not look good for us”.

During a meeting with the inhabitants of Sochaczew, the head of PiS said that “the Germans did not settle accounts with us during the Second World War.” Jaroslaw Kaczynski he said that Germany paid France’s reparations to the Jews. – I think it’s the right moment, because there is such a thing as timing in politics, the moment when you have to come up with certain demands. The right moment is probably getting closer, you have to hit the table with your fist, he assessed.

Sikorski on reparations: it is the most important ally in the EU

Commenting on these words, the former head of Polish diplomacy Radoslaw Sikorski He stressed that PiS has been ruling for seven years and that the reparations “have not yet been submitted”. On this occasion, he mentioned the Institute for War Losses, about the creation of which he informed PiS MP Arkadiusz Mularczyk. – It seems that he will end up at this Institute and these positions. The reparations were supposed to support Polish finances, and it seems that they will cost us, because MP Mularczyk and his colleagues will have an institute – he assessed.

Kaczyński on reparations from Germany: the right moment is probably approaching, you have to hit the table with your fistTVN24

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Asked about whether, in his opinion, Germany should pay Poland reparations, Sikorski said that “they can and should, but they will not, because unfortunately the government of the Polish People’s Republic renounced reparations against Germany, of course under Soviet pressure.” – This is part of the price we pay for communism. From the legal point of view, the matter does not look good for us, and even hopeless – he added.

– This is the patrimony of the Pisowski people on our most important ally in the European Union and on a country without which it is impossible to defend Poland against Russia, he said, commenting on Kaczyński’s words.

Sikorski: Germany is doing what we have been asking for years

President Kaczyński also referred to Berlin’s announcement to increase spending on armaments. – Whether Germany wants to arm itself against Russia or against us, I do not know – he added. Marek Suski, PiS MP, also commented on the strengthening of the German army in a similar vein.

“This is typical of these paranoid minds,” he said, noting that President Trump, their political hero, was “particularly hard fought for more funding for the German army.” – The Germans do just that. They do what we have asked them for many years. However, they meet such comments – he assessed.

– Let them finally decide whether Germany is to be stronger militarily so that we can both resist Putin’s aggression or not – added Sikorski. – One of the worst effects of PiS rule will be the feeling of a large part of Poles towards the European Union and our important allies – he said.

However, the PO MP assessed that “Germany in its own interest should place this armament in a broader European decision-making context, so that nationalists could not use it for their own purposes.” – Germany’s procrastination with rearming Ukraine and taking European defense seriously is a greater problem than today’s German military strength, which is absent – he stressed.

Sikorski on KPO

Radosław Sikorski was also asked about the amendment to the law on the Supreme Court, which, after the rejection of most of the Senate’s amendments, was adopted by the Sejm on Thursday. Changes in the judiciary are a condition for paying Poland funds from the KPO. – National Reconstruction Plan this is something that the Polish government has proposed. The committee only gave a positive recommendation. We do not know what decision the European Council will make, he said, noting that there are countries like the Netherlands that believe that “their money is not meant to be used to build an autocracy.”

– There are “milestones” in the reconstruction plan proposed by Poland, the fulfillment of which would restore the rule of law – he noted. As he added, “at the moment the matter hangs in the balance”.

When asked whether the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen made the mistake of accepting the Polish KPO, Sikorski noted that “she only gave the recommendation”. – The European Parliament is threatening to dismiss her if she steps down too much. On the one hand, she would like to withdraw money (…) and at the same time the Polish government – whether it is ineptitude or sabotage – prevents her from achieving Poland being lawful and receiving money – he commented.

“It was a chance for PiS to get out of the image cloud”

Sikorski was also asked about the image of Poland in international opinion. He assessed that the help that the Poles offered to Ukraine after the invasion of Russia “was a chance for the PiS government, thanks to the Poles, to get out of this image cloud”. – It was only necessary to quickly terminate the conflict with the Union and manage this crisis with Germany and France – he said.

– The role of Poland has increased because our territory is necessary to perform a logistic action consisting in the transfer of European and American equipment to Ukraine. There is only a difference between being like the Pakistan in the 1980s when the Americans supported the Afghan mujahedin, and being in a decision-making group, he said.

When asked whether he agreed with the words of French President Emmanuel Macron that Russia cannot be humiliated, Sikorski replied in the negative. – I believe that Russia should not only lose this war, but to make it visible that it has lost – he said.

– In Russia, revolutions or reforms follow lost wars. (…) The defeat of Putin and Putinism as a system of common lies, theft and fear is an opportunity for Europe, for Ukraine and for Russia itself – he stressed.

Main photo source: TVN24

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