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Jarosław Kaczyński on the debate with Donald Tusk. He calculated the conditions

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PiS chairman Jarosław Kaczyński confirmed his will to meet with the leader of the Civic Platform, Donald Tusk. At the same time, he set the conditions that would allow such a debate to take place. The last televised debate between the leaders of the two parties took place in 2007.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski spoke on Radio Wrocław about a possible debate with Donald Tusk.

– If it will be a debate in some fair conditions and at the same time if Donald Tusk gives some signals beforehand that it will not be hurling insults or threats that he will not follow the path he has been following so far, then yes. Well, but if it is a discussion about how many years I will be imprisoned for serving Poland well, I will not have such a discussion – he declared.

– Perhaps after the elections, which we won, such discussions will take place, but it will be others who will conduct them with Mr. Tusk, because many of his statements are already approaching punishable threats – he added.

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Tusk versus Kaczynski

Since the last debate of PiS leaders and AFTER fifteen years have passed. In the meantime, Donald Tusk invited Kaczyński to meet again. July 19, 2021 appealed in Gdańsk: – Mr. Kaczyński, come out of your cave. Stand with me face to face on the trampled ground and exchange arguments. Don’t be afraid, don’t be ashamed.

Tusk to Kaczyński: get out of your cave, stand with me face to face and exchange arguments

This topic was raised by the PiS president, among others, on October 16, 2021. He then said on RMF FM that if Tusk “says sorry”, he will meet him. Tusk reacted to this statement with the entry: “Excuse me, Jarek. And now the date and place of the debate, please. Thank you in advance.” This entry remained unanswered by Kaczyński.

In 2011, in turn Law and Justice proposed to the Civic Platform a series of pre-election debates on neutral ground. Kaczyński wrote a letter to Tusk about the debates. He declared that he was ready to meet him, but only if the head of government “abandoned the policy of submission, both in domestic and foreign policy.”

– If Donald Tusk will be ready to discuss in the conditions I mentioned, ie in a neutral company, he will meet one condition. But there is also another one: rolling up the white flag both in internal relations towards the powerful in Poland and rolling up the white flag towards the powerful outside Poland. This is a condition for substantive discussion, said Kaczyński at the conference.

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Kaczyński invites the PO to the debate, but he has conditions

Kaczyński invites the PO to the debate, but he has conditionsIntvn24

Television debate between Jarosław Kaczyński and Donald Tusk, which took place in 2007Radek Pietruszka/PAP


Main photo source: Radek Pietruszka/PAP

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