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Jarosław Kaczyński on the imaginary reality. Donald Tusk comments and writes about the march in Poznań

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“We will be in Poznań on June 16 to make PiS and its president an ‘imaginary reality’ as soon as possible,” Donald Tusk, the head of the Civic Platform, wrote on Twitter on Thursday. The entry was published a day after Jarosław Kaczyński, whose journalists asked about the situation of pregnant women in Poland.

PiS president Jaroslaw Kaczynski asked on Wednesday in the parliamentary corridor about the situation of pregnant women in Poland, he told journalists that “this is one big fraud on your part”. – Neither in the application nor, of course, in the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal (Julia Przyłębska’s Constitutional Court – ed.), because the Tribunal is bound by the application, there was not a word about the threat to women’s lives and health. Nothing has changed here. The whole action is a propaganda abuse, he argued.

– There is no such case, it is invented by propaganda, it is part of this imaginary reality – he added.

Kaczyński asked about the situation of pregnant women. Talks about “great deception” and “propaganda abuse”TVN24

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At the end of May, 33-year-old pregnant Dorota died in a hospital in Nowy Targ. The woman was there in the fifth month of pregnancy after the waters had broken. She died three days later from septic shock after doctors had – according to family members of the 33-year-old – delayed the caesarean section too long. On Wednesday, protests related to these tragic events took place in many cities across Poland.

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Tusk: for PiS and its president to become ‘imaginary reality’ as soon as possible

On Thursday, the chairman of the Civic Platform Donald Tusk published an entry on Twitter in which he referred to Kaczyński’s words.

” We will be in Poznań on June 16 to PIS and its president became an ‘imaginary reality’ as soon as possible. All of Wielkopolska at Plac Wolności! With Poland in our hearts!” – he wrote.

Leader last week AFTER Donald Tusk called on the inhabitants of Poznań and Wielkopolska for another march, after the one organized on June 4 in Warsaw, which will take place on Friday, June 16 at Plac Wolności in Poznań. Then, the PO leader plans a tour around the Lower Silesian Voivodeship.

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Nowacka: great arrogance came from Mr. Kaczyński's mouth

Nowacka: great arrogance came from Mr. Kaczyński’s mouthTVN24

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