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Jarosław Kaczyński, president of PiS, in Krakow, about possible changes in the European Union and social action

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PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński referred to possible changes to EU treaties during his Saturday speech in Krakow. He stated that if they come into force, “Poland will no longer be an independent, sovereign country under any circumstances, and will not be a state at all.” At the same time, he announced the initiation of a “large social campaign” on this matter.

During his speech at the headquarters of KSTG “Sokół” in Kraków, PiS President Jarosław Kaczyński referred to plans to change European treaties planned, among others, by some factions of the European Parliament.

Kaczyński on the plan that leads “to the annihilation of the Polish state”

– Our opponents claimed, even today, that there would be no changes to the European treaties – said the PiS president in the Krakow “Sokol” newspaper and at the same time recalled the work currently taking place in the European Parliament, which concerns changes that include, among others: abolition of unanimity in the European Union, as well as transfer of some competences of states, among others in the field of external security and civil protection, defense and border protection and foreign affairs.

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As Jarosław Kaczyński said, “based on these regulations, for example, everything that happens on the border with Belarus may be taken over by the European Union up to 100 percent.” – And for our part of Europe this means practically through Germany – he added. – This is a practical result of which a state such as Poland can practically turn into an area inhabited by Poles, but ruled from the outside – he said. – If it were accepted, there would be no obstacles to doing so – he said.

Kaczyński: if this treaty comes into force, Poland will not be a country at all

– Basically, we have a situation that, without exaggeration, can be described as follows: over time, historians refer to our independence in 1918-39 as an incident. On a historical scale of 20 years and a few months, this is an incident. This time it lasts, let’s assume 34 years (since 1989 – editor), this is a simplification, because in 1989 we had not really regained independence yet. But let’s take the year 1989, that’s 34 years. This will last for some time, i.e. 35 or 36. And this will be another historical incident, the PiS president continued.

– Because after this treaty, if it enters into force, Poland will no longer be an independent, sovereign country and will not be a state at all. I repeat once again – this will be the area where Poles live, managed from the outside – he continued.

PiS president: they are preparing a future for us in which Poland will be poisoned and terrorized by garbage mafias

In the context of Germany’s domination, Kaczyński talked about the problem of bringing waste to Poland, as well as Germany’s refusal, contrary to – as he argued – European law, to take this waste back.

– What do you think, that if they have incomparably more power here than before, in fact full power, they will not do it on an incomparably larger scale? Of course they will, said the PiS president. – Only very stupid people, I’m sorry to say so, can believe that it will be different. Poland will be poisoned, terrorized by garbage mafias and other mafias, he argued. – This is the future they are preparing for us here and this future is being prepared for us by this government, which was installed – with Tusk at the helm – precisely to carry it out – he added and recalled the statement of the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, who spoke about the “prime minister” of Donald Tusk in June during the congress of the European People’s Party.

Kaczyński announces “a great social campaign”

Kaczyński also referred to his earlier announcement that a conference of all patriotic forces would be held in Warsaw next year. – This meeting in Warsaw, I hope that a meeting of many circles, is to be the beginning of a great action in various fields – he said. – We will be moving towards a great social campaign, towards saying – not only here in Poland, but in Europe that our country will agree to this. He will not agree under any conditions, he announced.

Kaczyński stated that the proposed solutions are supported by politicians of the Civic Platform, which – as he put it – is a “German party”. He announced that his goal was to appeal to the other signatories of the coalition agreement concluded on November 10 not to support these changes. He added that regardless of the effectiveness of these appeals, Law and Justice will oppose reforms of Brussels institutions.

– When you fight for independence, every price has to be paid. Suffering or dying for one’s country is a beautiful thing, we must have it in our hearts – he concluded his speech.

Kaczyński announces “a great social campaign”TVN24

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