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Jarosław Kaczyński, president of PiS, when asked about the number of police officers at the meeting in Chojnice

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During the meeting in Chojnice, Jarosław Kaczyński was asked by one of the people in the room about the number of policemen protecting this event. He stated that he saw “a few dozen at most”, but “maybe he’s wrong”. – However, I can say one thing – we must be protected because we have the right to peaceful meetings – said the PiS president.

President on Thursday PIS met with sympathizers and party activists in Pomeranian Chojnice. During his speech, he said that the political struggle in Poland is extremely fierce. – We have just heard here how people were trying to get into this room by force. We are ready to answer any question; we are ready to discuss with anyone – and not to participate in rows or even fights – he said.

Question for Jarosław Kaczyński about the number of policemen

After these words, the PiS president’s speech was interrupted by confusion in the hall. One of the men turned to Kaczynski: – Why didn’t you let the local radio in? Why did you bring 400 policemen here? What are you afraid of man? Is it courage?

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Kaczyński assured that he would refer to the vote from the floor later in the meeting. Continuing the argument, he assessed that the political struggle in Poland is certainly “so fierce because external forces intervene here.” – They are directly involved – for example, not giving us funds from the KPO, against the law, against European treaties – he said.

As he assessed, there are people in Poland who value “external countries” more than Poland, “in particular Germany“. – Such people today are certainly involved in degrading Poland through this method of political struggle, in order to introduce violence, throwing stones into public life … I’m sorry that I say so, but just plain rudeness, bring our society to the level of the lumpenproletariat – this is the goal of these people – he stated.

– Poland cannot be a strong nation, it cannot have a strong state – because our neighbors do not like it. Well, no – we will have a strong state and we will destroy these people – said the PiS president.

Confusion in the hall during Jarosław Kaczyński’s speech in ChojniceTVN24

Kaczynski: We must be protected

In the further part of his speech, he referred to the question that was asked from the audience regarding the number of policemen protecting the meeting in Chojnice. – I don’t know if there are 400 policemen here, I’ve seen at most a few dozen, but maybe I’m wrong. However, I can say one thing – we must be protected because we have the right to peaceful meetings, we do not disturb Tusk’s meetings, we do not organize troublemakers and various types of thugs to lead to this kind of situation – said Kaczyński

– Let me remind you that when a group of people who supported us tried to disrupt the meeting in Tarnów – whether it was Tusk or someone else from the important PO politicians – they were immediately taken out of the room by the police. This is how it was and is recorded on television – added the PiS president.

– Simply – we want to have peaceful meetings, and this is not just my right, but all of our supporters, all Polish citizens. And if there were no police, each of these meetings would simply turn into a disgusting brawl, and TVN would show how terrible our people are – he added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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