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Jarosław Kaczyński questioned climate change at the PiS convention. “Climateism is a kind of religion”

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At Sunday's PiS convention, president Jarosław Kaczyński said that “climateism is something like a religion.” He also questioned climate change. – The temperature at one time, I'm talking about tens of millions of years ago, was 13 degrees higher, and yet nature flourished, he said. Kaczyński also announced the “Seven times yes” plan and emphasized that the upcoming elections to the European Parliament “are very important.”

– Today, this climateism is already something of a religion, and this type of revolutionary religions tend to become radicalized – he warned on Sunday at the Law and Justice convention Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

As he said, “we already have articles where it is written that children being born are dangerous from the point of view of the climate.” – So we have to be without children. So this really is supposed to be the last generation. But not because the planet is burning, because on our planet the temperature at one time – I'm talking about millions, many millions, tens of millions of years ago – was 13 degrees higher, and yet nature was flourishing – said Kaczyński.

He added that “radicalization in revolutions is obvious, one from which there is basically no departure.” – Even our revolution, which some of us remember here, in '80-81, also had a tendency to radicalization. If we don't stop it, extremely difficult things may happen to us, he said.

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– The whole good life of Poles that we are fighting for may become something unattainable. Some dream, a memory of something that could have been, but certainly will not happen – said Kaczyński. He noted that “it doesn't have to be this way.” – It doesn't have to be like this if we go to elections, because these are very important elections and we need to encourage everyone, because not everyone understands it, to take part in these elections. Some people don't even know there are elections because they are surprised that there are three elections in a row. And we must achieve our tenth victory in these elections, said the president PIS.

“Seven times yes” plan

– We have to go together. All together, only then will this decisive victory be possible. But this “all together” also refers to a certain proposal. Some plan. A plan that is supposed to mean a certain change on our political scene – said Kaczyński, emphasizing that the PiS proposal concerns achieving unity and non-partisanship in relation to issues that are fundamental for Poland.

– It's: “Seven times yes.” But it's not really because we're number seven on the list. This is due to substantive reasons – said Kaczyński, mentioning in the first point actions for the development of Poland.

As he said, the first one was “yes to development”. – “Yes to development” means “yes” to large investments. “Yes” to CPK. To deepen the Oder. For the container port in Świnoujście. “Yes” to the atom. This is extremely important. We must have nuclear energy, he emphasized.

Kaczyński on eight years of PiS rule

The PiS president also assessed that the eight years of rule of the United Right had been “building the basis for social solidarity.” – We undertook many different activities – all of them were addressed to different groups, but collectively to society as a whole – said Kaczyński, recalling, among others, about the 500+ program, also about large investments and activities strengthening Poland's defense. He also criticized the current government, which, in his opinion, caused the pro-social policy of PiS to fall into ruin.

-Giant electoral fraud. This is everything that was promised in the elections, and promised solemnly, with deadlines, with such determination. You could look at Tusk and think: this man is telling the truth, he must do it. And the truth is that we have price increases. We have an increase in VAT on food. We have the prospect of pay rises energy prices, and this means another, subsequent wave of subsequent price increases, not only for energy, but basically for everything – he said. – Symptoms of what (…) may look like the beginning of a serious, very serious crisis are beginning. Whatever it is, we don't need crises. There is no doubt about that, Kaczyński said.

Main photo source: Marian Zubrzycki/PAP

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