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Jarosław Kaczyński refused to participate in the TVP debate. Dariusz Joński: people who vote for PiS absolutely do not understand this

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Jarosław Kaczyński is running away not only from Donald Tusk, but also from Szymon Hołownia and other opposition politicians – said Jan Strzeżek (Trzecia Droga) in the “#BezKitu Campaign”, commenting on the decision of the PiS president not to participate in the debate organized by TVP. – People who vote for PiS absolutely do not understand this. They claim that it is incomprehensible – said Dariusz Joński (Civic Coalition).

On Thursday in Rzeszów, the leader of the Civic Platform, Donald Tusk, announced that he would take part in a debate organized by government television on Monday. – Jarosław Kaczyńskimaybe you have the courage, at least on your television, under the wing of your officers, PiS television governors, to debate me – he said to the PiS president.

Donald TuskDarek Delmanowicz/PAP/EPA

Jarosław Kaczyński, who had previously refused to participate in the debate with Tusk, announced on Thursday that he was going to Przysucha on Monday. A Kantar poll for “Fakty” TVN and TVN24 shows that Kaczyński’s decision to refuse to participate in the debate with Tusk during the election campaign is negatively assessed by nearly two-thirds of Poles.

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Strzeżek: Kaczyński may run away, but he will be found and held accountable

Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz said on Friday on X that the Third Way will be represented in the debate by the head of Poland 2050 Szymon Hołownia. “On this day, I will be near Przysucha, so that Jarosław Kaczyński can feel our breath on his back. Good luck, Szymon, we will overcome evil and hate with truth!” – he wrote.

The matter was commented on in the “#BezKitu Campaign” by Jan Strzeżek (Trzecia Droga). – From what I know, Jarosław Kaczyński is fleeing on Monday not only from Donald Tusk, but also from Szymon Hołownia and other opposition politicians to Przysucha, to the Radom region – he said.

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– I know it will be there waiting for him Władysław Kosiniak-Kamyszthat’s why Jarosław Kaczyński can try, he can run away, but he will be found, and after electionsafter the sixteenth (October – editor), will be settled – he added.

Joński: PiS electorate wanted Kaczyński to meet Tusk face to face

Dariusz Joński (Civic Coalition) also spoke on this topic. – Everyone sees it. Jarosław Kaczyński has already lost because his electorate wanted him to meet Donald Tusk face to face. Today I was in Andrespol at the market square since the morning and people who vote for PiS do not understand it at all. They say it is incomprehensible, he said.

Jan Strzeżek and Dariusz Joński in the “#BezKitu Campaign”TVN24

– If he locks himself in these halls, runs this factory of hate, hatred towards the Civic Coalition and Tusk, and, I would say, lies in our direction, why doesn’t he want to meet? Because it would clash with the truth – he added.

– Here Tusk, among others, but also other opposition leaders will stand against him and they will tell him straight to his face that he is lying, that he is cheating, that he is dividing Poles and they will tell the truth about prices, about inflation, about what is happening now at gas stations, about the visa scandal. And he will not know the answer, because he lives in an absolutely different world – said the MP from the Civic Coalition.

“PiS concluded that the state is only an instrument in the hands of party activists”

Another topic of the program was the issue of equal opportunities in the election campaign and the advantage that those in power have in it. – We knew from the beginning that there would be no equality, because (the government – ed.) have incredible money, institutions, and State Treasury companies – said Dariusz Joński. He also presented a newspaper distributed for free at Orlen stations and published by Polska Press, owned by Orlen, in which you can find a whole series of interviews with representatives of the authorities.

Jan Strzeżek, in turn, presented his doubts in connection with the activities of the councilor of the Warsaw district of Praga-Północ, Sebastian Wijas (Law and Justice). – PiS absolutely recognized that the state is only an instrument in the hands of the Law and Justice party activist – he said. – Sebastian Wijas, a councilor like hundreds in Poland. However, here Mr. Sebastian Wijas is unique in that he is very effective in raising money – he added.

– Of course, your money, public money, because yes, and here will be the calculation: in 2021 (in the year – ed.) 460,000 for the Three Seas Foundation, in 2022 (in the year – ed.) 630,000 from the MŚZ for running the Regional Debate Center International, for the years 2022-2024, in 2023 PLN 164,000 from the next project – he continued.

– But also, and this is interesting, he decided that he would very much like his sister to work within the association, within an entity, together with the deputy director of KGHM, and for this they also receive huge amounts of money from the public space – he added.

Strzeżek announced that he would submit an application to the Supreme Audit Office in this matter. As he added, Wijas “is also a friend of the former minister dealing with these grants, Mr. Piotr Mazurek, who was accidentally dismissed from his office a week after the arrest” of Edgar K. (co-worker of former deputy minister of foreign affairs Piotr Wawrzyk) in connection with visa scandal.

The councilor, as Strzeżek presents the situation, “also received money from the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy.” – And imagine, they were unable to settle this grant, the ministry told them to return the money, but if we were to look now to see what the ministry’s website with the post-audit report looks like, the report is simply not there. It was recently removed because it is devastating for this entity, because they took the money, did not settle the project, it is not known what happened to the money, there is no money. So what will we do? – finished.

Young people ask

Youth representatives also asked questions to the guests. Łucja Prygan from Nowa Generacja asked Jan Strzeżek about the idea of ​​financing dormitories for PLN 1, presented by Trzecia Droga. Julia Gorczowska from the Impuls Foundation also asked Strzeżek about how to combat the pay gap between women and men.

“#BezKitu campaign”. Łucja Prygan (New Generation) asks Jan Strzeżek (Third Way)TVN24

"#BezKitu campaign".  Julia Gorczowska (Impuls Foundation) asks Jan Strzeżek (Trzecia Droga)

“#BezKitu campaign”. Julia Gorczowska (Impuls Foundation) asks Jan Strzeżek (Trzecia Droga)TVN24

Brajan Mazur from Młoda Polska raised the issue of solving the problem of communication exclusion and asked Dariusz Joński about it. Maciej Rajczak from the Young Left asked an MP from the Civic Coalition about this group’s ideas for solving the housing crisis.

"#BezKitu campaign".  Brajan Mazur (Young Poland) asks Dariusz Joński (KO)

“#BezKitu campaign”. Brajan Mazur (Young Poland) asks Dariusz Joński (KO)TVN24

"#BezKitu campaign".  Maciej Rajczak (Young Left) asks Dariusz Joński (KO)

“#BezKitu campaign”. Maciej Rajczak (Young Left) asks Dariusz Joński (KO)TVN24

The role of the media in the election campaign

Later in the program, the role of the media in the election campaign was discussed. – The ruling party bought the entire publishing house with taxpayers’ money. Twenty regional newspapers are the armed arm of PiS, said Justyna Dobrosz-Oracz (“Gazeta Wyborcza”). Patryk Michalski talked about government scandals revealed by the free media. – The list of scandals is very long. At this point, there is a choice between party brochures and real journalism, Michalski explained. Roch Kowalski (RMF FM) added that the government media “inform about fragments of reality that are favorable to PiS.”

Main photo source: TVN24

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