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Jarosław Kaczyński would like Donald Tusk to go to Germany. “He sees that he’s losing this election”

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On Sunday, during a government picnic under the slogan “For the love of Poland”, Jarosław Kaczyński stated that “Donald Tusk is a true enemy of our nation”. One can dislike and be afraid of the leader of a rival party, but publicly speaking about him as “red-headed” and “let him go to his Germany” shows not only the state of emotions, but also the level of culture.

At PiS family picnics there is music and tasty cuisine, it was fun, but there were also reflections like those of a participant who said that the food is for taxpayers’ money. We asked the participants what they expect from the authorities and what is important to them. We heard that apartments for the young, the problem of high prices, funds for KPO and support for the countryside. For Jarosław Kaczyński, who was also at such a picnic, the most important thing was something else.

– Donald Tusk, a true enemy of our nation. The enemy of our nation. It must be clearly stated in the end: this man cannot rule Poland. This man should finally go away. Let him go to his Germany, said the PiS president. He then tried to mask this outburst of anger with a smile. – Remember about this red-haired, remember, because this is the greatest threat to Poland today – emphasized Jarosław Kaczyński.

“Kaczyński sees that he is losing this election”

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– Denying someone the right to stay in their own homeland is a practice from totalitarian states, but in fact when I listen to Jarosław Kaczyński, I see a scared man – says PO MP Jan Grabiec. – You can see that Jarosław Kaczyński is aware that he is losing the elections these days – he explains.

Recent events – waste fire in Zielona Góra Whether behavior of the police towards Mrs. Joanna – these are also, in the eyes of the president, issues created and used by Donald Tusk “to arouse anxiety, to arouse hatred”.

In a short speech lasting less than a quarter of an hour, the president unequivocally denied that PiS should enter into an alliance with the Confederation, saying that its program is a program of “madmen and kids”. This is washing the eyes of Poles, says the opposition.

– I believe that the Confederation is the younger brother of Jarosław Kaczyński – claims Tomasz Trela, MP of the New Left.

– I know that Kaczyński once ruled with these people from the Confederation, with the leaders, specifically with Mr. Bosak – adds Dariusz Joński, Member of Initiative Poland. We are talking about the years 2005-2007 and the PiS coalition with the League of Polish Families.

– With the Confederation, if they win the elections, they will take Poland out of the European Union – believes Civic Platform MP Izabela Leszczyna.

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Themes of power

The ruling party returns to what the president tried to seduce the voters with more than two months ago: indexation of 500 plus and free medicines. The president said nothing about Russian influence or bad immigrants – as if the authorities were again looking for a new leitmotif in the campaign.

At picnics, PiS talks a lot about how it distributes money. According to the opposition, however, PiS avoids important and topical topics.

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