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Jarosław Kaczyński’s “warm farewell” in Kielce? No, not there

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Whistling, obscene insults and gestures – this is how Jarosław Kaczyński was supposedly said goodbye to when leaving Kielce. A recording is being circulated on the Internet to show this. But this is an old movie and it shows an event in another city.

On Sunday, September 3, the president of Law and Justice, Jarosław Kaczyński, met with the inhabitants of Kielce. Because he will run for office from there, not from Warsaw mandate of an MP in the parliamentary elections. It is number one in Kielce. After the meeting with voters, Twitter users spread the film with comments or suggestions that it showed how the PiS president was said goodbye to Kielce. The recording lasts two and a half minutes. You can see Kaczyński, surrounded by his colleagues or bodyguards, leaving a building and then getting into one of several parked cars. Nearby – as you might assume – there are people protesting, because you can hear whistles and repeated shouts of “fuck you!”. Police officers, some on horses, separate the crowd from the car with Kaczyński and other exiting cars. As the camera tracks the moving cars, larger and larger groups of people can be seen. Protesters are still shouting “fuck you!”, taking photos, gesturing – someone shows their fingers in the letter V, someone else makes an offensive gesture towards people passing by. Policemen are clearing the way for cars to pass.

In the upper right corner of the frame there is the logo of the checkpress.pl website. As we checked, published there is material discussing this film (in a longer version and with commentary). However, it was not stated when and where the situation shown took place and who was the author of the film. The article contains material published on YouTube on September 3 this year. This one was titled: “Kaczyński ran away – the president’s greeting: riots, police and horses. People thanked for the prosperity…”.

September 3 recording appeared on Twitter in the context of Kaczyński’s visit to Kielce. One of his posts had over 500,000 views. views. “Świętokrzyskie PiS number one with a warm farewell in Kielce. It’s the end Jaruś” – he wrote another user, also posting a video (this post had over 56,000 views).

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Misleading post from September 3, 2023X.com

Roman Giertych was among those sharing the recording, but he did not write that it was a film from Kielce. “Jarek, no exaggeration! It wasn’t that bad. These vulgarities were unnecessary, but overall they welcomed you nicely. Considering the circumstances, it was even very good” – commented only on September 3.

As we have verified, the video is authentic but not current. He confirmed it then the above-mentioned Twitter user added: “I’m not deleting it because it’s very encouraging.”

Protest from 2022 in Greater Poland

The situation shown in the recording took place on July 23, 2022. This is how the inhabitants of Kórnik in the Greater Poland Voivodeship said goodbye to the president of PiS.

Let us recall: in the summer of 2022, Jarosław Kaczyński visited subsequent cities. On Saturday, July 23, he met, among others, with the residents of Kórnik. Mainly supporters of the United Right government were present in the hall where the rally was organized, but opponents protested in front of the building. The PiS president entered the meeting in Kórnik through the back entrance, accompanied by the police. The place was secured by policemen, some of them on horseback. When Kaczyński left the meeting, the horses were positioned so that the protesters standing behind the barrier could not even see him – the portal reported tvn24.pl.

Other media also reported on the meeting and protest in Kórnik, including: onet.pl, wyborcza.pl, epoznan.pl. And that’s it Facebook profile of the latter website, you can watch the source, 18-minute material, a shorter version of which has been circulating on Twitter since September 3.

Main photo source: TVN24/Twitter

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