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Jarosław Szymczyk is planning retirement. Magdalena Sroka and Monika Rosa comment

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A commander who fires a grenade launcher in his office, having previously imported weapons illegally from Ukraine, should automatically resign, because he is certainly not an authority for Polish policemen – said Magdalena Sroka (PSL, Trzecia Droga) in “Fakty po Faktach”. In the opinion of Monika Rosa (Nowoczesna, Civic Coalition), the police have been politicized. – Jarosław Kaczyński’s private army was left to guard houses, to pacify protests, to guard monuments, to take part in the election campaign – she said.

The Chief Commander of the Police, General Jarosław Szymczyk, will leave his position even before the appointment of the new government – according to tvn24.pl. This will most likely happen at the end of the week. The case was commented on by the guests of “Fakty po Faktach”, Magdalena Sroka and Monika Rosa.

Sroka: Mr. Szymczyk leaves the police in a sorry state

– Unfortunately, Mr. Szymczyk leaves the police in a deplorable condition, and certainly the police ethos that was felt, that the Polish police had been working on since ’89 in order to be perceived as a trustworthy institution to which every citizen can turn and will receive help. Today, many officers who continue to serve are ashamed of what General Szymczyk allowed himself to do, commented Sroka.

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In her opinion, “a commander who fires a grenade launcher in his office, having previously imported weapons illegally from Ukraine, should automatically resign because he is certainly not an authority for Polish policemen.” – Today we see that officers are moving away from all the guidelines that should be implemented in various cases. And this series of very unpleasant events in recent days shows that this ethos of the police has disappeared somewhere, she said

She added that the reconstruction of what was destroyed should begin “on many levels and in many dimensions.” – From how we accept new police officers, through training, through the promotion system – she mentioned.

– For 15 years, I observed different approaches of chief commanders to officers, while working in the police back then. Some people had the attitude that no matter what happens, we always defend our own people. And others said: each situation must be carefully examined and verified, if someone made a mistake, he should be punished for it – Sroka recalled.

As she added, now “we were dealing with such an armed arm of PiS.” – When the General Commander is appointed to this position, he is an officer with extensive experience and there was no indication that he would be manipulated by politicians in this way. And politicians like Minister Kamiński and Wąsik used it perfectly. He obeyed their every order, while defending his own and, in my opinion, many times being untrue in situations that were shown by the media all over Poland – said Sroka.

– And why do we have more and more such events today? Because once again, officers are being accepted into service who would not have entered the service a few years ago. And two, they simply see how the issues of offenses, transgressions and entitlements end. Nothing is happening, the guilty are not held accountable, said the MP.

Rosa: the police have been politicized, they have become Jarosław Kaczyński’s private army TVN24

Rosa: The police have become politicized

– Many of us clearly remember police brutality during the protests and the taste and smell of gas, or we remember the scene of girls being clubbed with a telescopic baton. So it all started from the top – Monika Rosa said on TVN24.

In her opinion, “it started with the police becoming politicized.” – There was a private army of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the administration Jarosław Kaczyński, to guard houses, to pacify protests, to guard monuments, to take part in the election campaign, or the moment when you pose in front of them or use helicopters for the election campaign. So the first thing is to never allow such politicization of the police again, the MP emphasized.

She pointed out that today “people don’t want to go to the police.” – We also have departures ahead of us retirement, so there will be a lot of vacancies in the police. And this shows how the police react to such politicization. Despite the above-mentioned lack of training and low salaries. Young guys or girls, without any training, who started as a preventive measure to deal with strikes from various places other than these strikes. Well, nothing good could come from this, she said.

“Breaking a record is really not that easy”

The MPs also referred to the latest findings in the case of Krzysztof Brejza. According to the findings of the District Priokuraturt in Gdańsk, the DVD with data from the first Pegasus attack on the phone of a Civic Coalition politician was broken and its reading was not possible. This is also confirmed by photos of this album obtained by our reporters Maciej Duda and Łukasz Ruciński. The prosecutor’s office “excluded intentional destruction of the disc.”

Rosa assessed that the prosecutor’s office, police, judiciary and services constitute a “closed system”. – It all worked for the benefit of the state PiS. It suddenly turned out that the services could eavesdrop on opposition MPs using Pegasus, that the prosecutor’s office also initiates investigations it wants and discontinues those that do not suit it politically, said the TVN24 guest.

“It’s not easy to destroy a record,” she said. – Breaking a record is really not that easy. This doesn’t happen by accident. And this is not the first record and the first evidence that has been destroyed, she noted. She recalled the case of former Prime Minister Beata Szydło’s accident. – And what happened to the evidence? The disc was also accidentally destroyed, she noticed.

Krzysztof Brejza: plates don't break on their own

Krzysztof Brejza: plates don’t break on their ownTVN24

As Rosa said, “we simply need these investigative commissions, first of all, for justice to be served.” – Those who broke the law must face the consequences. These investigative commissions will also be a starting point for the State Tribunal. But a depoliticized prosecutor’s office and independent, independent courts will be key, she said.

Sroka pointed out that “this may not be definitively lost evidence, because the disc must have been downloaded from somewhere.”

– The operators had to copy it from some media. It will also be the task of the investigative committee to reach these operators. Who told them what to upload to Senator Brejza’s phone? Because we know that this evidence was destroyed, it was the original version of the ripped phone, and each subsequent disc recorded is the one with the ripped data, she noted.

Main photo source: TVN24

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