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Jaroszewicz murder. The court continues to hear witnesses

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In the ongoing trial for the murder of the former Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Poland, Piotr Jaroszewicz, and his wife, Alicja Solska, which took place in 1992, the court heard the defendants, the victims’ families on Friday and continues to interview witnesses. At least a dozen people, including experts, are still to be summoned.

“I am convinced that the findings from the 1990s were correct,” said the retired police officer who was the first “investigator” at the crime scene in 1992 and then worked on the case. He added that “one must always remember about the interlocking of evidence”, and in the investigation at that time, individual elements, in his opinion, correlated with each other.

A large part of Friday’s testimony of the witness concerned the investigation, the finale of which was the previous trial for the murder of the Jaroszewicz family, which ended in 1998. At that time, for the murder of the former Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Poland, Piotr Jaroszewicz, and his wife, Alicja Solska, one of the most famous crimes of the 1990s, which took place on the night of 31 August to September 1, 1992, four criminals from Mińsk Mazowiecki were accused: Krzysztof R. – “Fascist”, Wacław K. – “Niuniek”, Henryk S. – “Sztywny” and Jan K. – “Krzaczek”.

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– The court then extended their detention and there was no doubt – until the main trial – said the witness.

A knife from the former prime minister’s house in the accused’s apartment

He indicated, among others for an “unavailable for sale” Finnish knife, allegedly coming from the house of the former prime minister, which one of the defendants had in the apartment at the time, and which did not fit the modest furniture and average equipment of this apartment at all. He also referred to the issue of an alibi which had not been upheld in the course of the further proceedings. At the same time, it resembled a similar attack in Anin, which took place in 1990.

However, the first trial for the murder of the former prime minister and his wife on October 30, 1998 ended with the acquittal of all the accused. This happened – as was justified at the time – for lack of evidence. The acquittal, which received widespread attention at the time, was requested by the prosecutor himself in his final speech.

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Then the woman incriminating the accused in court, as the concubine of “Fascist”, refused to testify. Thus, her earlier testimony from the investigation could not be taken into account. In turn, the testimony of Barbara S., who was the victim of an assault in Anin in 1990, was assessed by the court in 1998 as inconsistent and even partially contradictory.

It is possible, however, that in the current trial, as witnesses, the living members of the group acquitted in the 1990s will stand trial.

The second trial on The murder of the former prime minister and his wife before the District Court in Warsaw began in August 2020.

The murder of the Jaroszewicz coupleTVN24

Prosecutor’s office: the perpetrators were three members of a karate gang

The perpetrators of the crime – according to the prosecutor’s office – were Robert S., Marcin B. and Dariusz S., three members of the karate gangwho committed several dozen robberies in the 1990s. According to the investigators, the crime committed against Jaroszewicze was also supposed to have a robbery character. The prosecutor’s office accuses Robert S. of strangling Piotr Jaroszewicz and shooting his wife Alicja Solska-Jaroszewicz, and Dariusz S. and Marcin B. are accused of complicity in the murder of the former prime minister. In addition, the prosecutor’s office accused Robert S. of the murder of an elderly couple in 1991 in Gdynia and the attempted murder of a man in Izabelin in 1993.

On Friday, the court questioned a friend of the younger of the sons, Piotr Jaroszewicz. Three witnesses did not appear. It turned out that two of the summoned people had been living abroad for years, the court imposed PLN 2,000 on the third one. PLN penalty.

Currently, the three defendants are answering free of charge. The District Court in Warsaw, reversing the detention of them in the summer of 2021, justified it, among others, by: weakening the strength of the evidence. The prosecutor’s office disagreed with this decision and filed an appeal. In February last year The Court of Appeal in Warsaw upheld the appealed decision, but for formal reasons. – In the opinion of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Krakow, the above position of the court of second instance clearly indicates that the high probability of the accused committing the acts alleged against them still exists in the realities of this case and has not been “weakened” – assessed the prosecutor’s office.

The next hearings in this case are scheduled for mid-February. It is not known how long this trial will last, at least a dozen people – witnesses and experts – remain to be interrogated.

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