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Jasmine – how does the application work, what functions does it have, what is in it, who has access to it? The most important information about the Poland 2050 traffic application

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Jaśmina is a new application presented on Saturday by Szymon Hołownia. The leader of the Poland 2050 movement said that this is the first political application in Poland. With its help, plebiscites on various issues of the functioning of the state will be held, and their results will become part of the official program of Poland 2050. For now, voting will be available only to members of the association, and the first one is already underway. The representative of the Polish 2050 club, Michał Gramatyka, announced that the new tool gives access to program documents, and will also provide current and verified information. He also presented other details about Jasmina.

On the first congress of the Polska 2050 movement leader of the formation Szymon Hołownia presented Yasmin’s political application. He argued that this tool would “change Polish politics” and pointed out that it was the first Polish political application. – I already have it on my phone. I hope you will also soon, he said to the assembled.


Jaśmina – where to download the application?

Hołownia said that the application can now be tracked from the App Store, and a little later, on the same day, it will also be possible from Google Play. After 5 p.m., at the time of publication of the text, the application was still not available in this store.

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As the leader of Poland 2050 said, the application “will give the opportunity to vote on matters important for Poland, and in a moment it will inform about events taking place in the area, about what is worth doing today”. – She will give advice, she will try to be as close to you as possible so that, taking advantage of the fact that we are a digital society, we can build the best, most democratic and communicating Republic of Poland – he added.

First voting with the Jaśmina application

The first test for Jaśmina is to be the voting of all members of the Polska 2050 association, which is to last until 6 PM on Sunday. As Hołownia explained, the members of the association have already received voting links on their e-mails. It will concern the Sunday trading ban. All members of Poland 2050 with the help of Jaśmina will decide whether the act on the Sunday trading ban should be tightened or liberalized. – What the members and members decide will be part of the official Polish 2050 program – announced Hołownia.

– Jasmin’s results will be published on his social media on Monday – he informed.

Hołownia about the first vote using the Jaśmina applicationTVN24

An application account was created on Twitter, where the first entry has already appeared.

Jaśmina – who can vote?

Michał Gramatyka, member of the Polish 2050 parliamentary group, spoke more about the application’s functions and their details in the second part of the congress.

– The most important thing Jasmina gives you is the plebiscite function, this is the voting function. Today this function is available to members of the Polish 2050 association. But when we rule, this function will be available to every Polish woman and every Pole. Because this is how we see the new politics, this is how we see the politics of the digital age – he said.

He recalled that “the first vote is already underway”. – The results of this vote will be binding on the politicians of Poland by 2050

How to vote with Jasmine and where the results will appear

The grammar also talked about how the process of casting a vote using the application looks like. – How many times will we ask you for your opinion, just select the option that is closer to your heart, press “send” and your voice, the voice of a member or member of the Polska 2050 association will go to our servers – he explained.

– After the vote on the Jasmina board is finished, you will know the result of this vote and you will be able to know what our official position will be on the issue that you were kindly interested in and in which you cast your vote – he added.

The Jaśmina application also includes information, contacts in social media and information about the members of Poland 2050

The deputy also pointed out that “Jaśmina is not only a plebiscite, not only voting”. – Jasmine is information. Fake news is the scourge of today’s internet. Jaśmina will provide you with information that will be verified and provided by our editors on an ongoing basis – he announced.

The grammar also said the tool would “link you to our profiles on social networks”. – Jaśmina will also allow you to share your profiles in the so-called social media with your friends – he continued.

As he said, the application also has the option of inviting people to a group of friends. – For example, you can invite me to your friends aboard Jasmine this afternoon, and I promise you that I will accept your invitation and that we will be great friends from tomorrow – said Gramatyka.

– Jaśmina is also the “who is who” of the Poland 2050 movement – “who is who”. Jasmine will show you who is the leader in your ward. Jaśmina will show you how to contact the regional office. Jaśmina will show who is responsible for the work of the Poland 2050 association in your voivodeship – he enumerated.

Programming documents of Poland 2050 in the Jaśmina application

The Polish MP 2050 also announced that the application also includes program documents “in two versions.

– It is only up to you to decide whether you want to read such a huge, fully fledged version of several dozen pages, or maybe you choose a shortened version, one that is easier to read, and those entries that arouse your interest, you will develop later by studying the full version. Isn’t that useful? – added.

Jaśmina and the security of personal data

Grammar also assured that Jaśmina “cares” about users’ data. – Set yourself a secure password. Make it long, have uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters, and we’ll do the rest. Jaśmina is compliant with the GDPR [Rozporządzeniem o Ochronie Danych Osobowych – przyp. red.]. Jasmine will prevent your data from appearing on the Internet – he said.

As the MP of Poland 2050 argued, “Jasmine can really be trusted”.

Main photo source: PAP / Piotr Nowak

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