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Jastrzebie Zdroj. A three-year-old’s leg got stuck in a fence at the playground. After the firefighters released him, his father passed out

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The boy’s leg, bent at the knee, slipped into the gap between the fence panels and his parents could not pull it out. The called firefighters unbent the plates, freed the knee, gave the boy oxygen and covered him with thermal insulation foil. – Then my father fainted, the emotions prevailed – says the commander of the action.

An unusual event took place on August 3 in Jastrzębie-Zdrój. – We got a call to a boy whose leg got stuck between the rungs on the playground on Mazurska Street – says senior captain Piotr Markiewicz, commander of the Rescue and Fire Fighting Unit of the State Fire Service in Jastrzębie-Zdrój.

It turned out that it is not the rungs that are wrong, but the vertical composite panels from which the fences are built, so that children do not fall out of the slide, for example.

A leg of a three-year-old boy, bent at the knee, slipped into a gap between such records. My knee was pinched and it wouldn’t come out.


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The firefighters used their hands, my father passed out

The three-year-old was at the playground with his parents and grandmother. However, they could not help the boy. He was in an uncomfortable position with a trapped knee for about 10 minutes. It was midday and very warm.

Firefighters prepared hydraulic equipment for cutting boards. Before they put it into operation, the two of them tried to bend the plates open. It worked and the boy’s leg was released. – We gave the child oxygen and covered it with thermal insulation foil. This is standard procedure. We waited for the ambulance to arrive, which we called earlier to check that the boy’s knee joint was okay. Then the boy’s father fainted, the emotions took over – reports Markiewicz.

The ambulance team was helping the boy and his father. In the end, nobody was hurt, the family returned home happy.

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