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Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa (JSW) – competition for the president. Four candidates will go to the interviews

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Seven applications were submitted in the competition for the president of Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa (JSW), four of which met the formal requirements. The interviews with the candidates are scheduled for August 27, which is next Friday. The previous president was dismissed in early July.

The deadline for accepting applications in the new qualification procedure announced on August 6, which is to select the president of JSW, expired on Monday.

Competition for the president of JSW – four candidates

As the chairman of the JSW supervisory board, Prof. Halina Buk, four candidates were admitted to the interviews in the competition for the president of the company; three did not meet the formal requirements.

The earlier recruitment procedure, announced on July 12, concerned the position of the president of JSW and his four deputies: for economic affairs, for trade, for development and for technical and operational matters. At least five candidates applied for each of these positions. In total, 29 applications were received, one of which did not meet the formal criteria.

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July 30 this year The supervisory board decided to appoint three vice-presidents of the company: Sebastian Bartos, who is responsible for trade in the JSW management board, Robert Ostrowski, who has been dealing with economic affairs since August 3, and Edward Paździorko, who will take the position of vice-president for technical and operational affairs on September 1.

At that time, the Council did not appoint a new president of JSW – his duties are performed (until the appointment of a new president) by a delegated member of the Council, director of the Central Mining Institute in Katowice, prof. Stanisław Prusek. On July 30, the Council resumed his delegation to the management board, entrusting him with the function of vice president for technical and operational affairs, before Edward Paździorko takes over in September.

The duties of JSW’s vice-president for development, who has also not been elected so far, are performed by Artur Wojtków, vice-president for labor and social policy, until the appointment of a successor.

Barbara Piontek dismissed

On July 9, the JSW Supervisory Board dismissed Barbara Piontek from the position of the company’s president, temporarily entrusting prof. Stanisław Prusk. Tomasz Duda was dismissed from the position of vice president for development, and Włodzimierz Hereźniak from the position of vice president for trade. Another vice-president, Jarosław Jędrysek, responsible for economic affairs in the management board, resigned himself, citing personal reasons as the reason. The dismissal of Piontek and Duda was demanded by representative trade unions from JSW.

Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa is the second largest domestic coal company in terms of employment and coal production, after Polska Grupa Górnicza. It specializes in the production of coking coal, used in the production of steel. It employs over 22 thousand. people. Last year – a crisis on the steel, coal and coke market – the JSW capital group closed with a net loss exceeding PLN 1.5 billion.

Main photo source: JSW / Dawid Lach

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