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Jaworzno. He didn’t stop before crossing, the children jumped away at the last moment

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An Opel driver who did not give way at a pedestrian crossing was fined PLN 1,500 and 15 points. This was recorded by another driver’s dash cam.

Since the beginning of the year, the police have recorded several dozen accidents on Silesian roads road accidents involving pedestrians, in which several people were killed and others were injured.

“This situation could also have ended tragically and had very serious consequences. Fortunately, no one was hurt. The recording of this incident was recorded by the driver who stopped before the crossing. The driver of the Opel was identified and fined by police officers from the Jaworznik traffic police. PLN 1,500 and 15 points,” the Silesian police said in a press release.

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Always slow down before crossing a pedestrian crossing and watch the area around it. Be ready to yield to pedestrians if necessary. Always anticipate the threat. If the visibility at the entrance to a pedestrian crossing is blocked by an obstacle, e.g. a car, a tree, bushes, etc., always assume that there may be a pedestrian there who must give way. Treat pedestrian crossings and their surroundings as priority roads, where you must give way.

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The children jumped away at the last momentSilesian police

Pedestrians most vulnerable

The police appeal also applies to pedestrians, who are unprotected road users most exposed to injuries related to participation in a road incident. They are the most vulnerable to the consequences of accidents and should not only follow the basic rules of driving on roads and pedestrian crossings, but also use facilities that will make them more visible. Stepping straight into the path of a moving vehicle, even in accordance with the regulations, can end tragically for a pedestrian.

Main photo source: Silesian police

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