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Jędrzejów. A steel ring got stuck on a teenager’s finger. Firefighters cut jewelry with an angle grinder

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A teenager who had a ring stuck on his swollen finger reported to the Poviat Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Jędrzejów (Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship). Initially, firefighters tried to remove the metal object with a ring cutter. However, it turned out to be necessary to use an angle grinder.

An unusual “rescue operation” was carried out on Thursday around 9 pm by firefighters from Jędrzejów. A teenager with an embarrassing problem reported to the local district headquarters of the State Fire Service. A steel ring was stuck on his swollen finger and he couldn’t get it off by himself.

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“Surgical precision” of firefighters. They cut with a grinder right next to the skin

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At first, the ring turned out to be a hard nut to crack also for the firefighters themselves.

Firefighters immediately attempted to remove the jewelry with a ring cutter. Due to the hard material from which the ring was made, this attempt turned out to be ineffective – said Captain Karol Błaszczyk from the Jędrzejów fire brigade in a message.

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A steel ring stuck on a swollen fingerst. asp. Wojciech Koza, KP PSP in Jędrzejów

A steel ring stuck on a swollen fingerst. asp. Wojciech Koza, KP PSP in Jędrzejów

Therefore, firefighters decided to use a more invasive tool – an angle grinder – to free the limb. The teenager’s hand was secured, and then – with surgical precision – firefighters removed the problematic jewelry with a grinder.

Main photo source: st. asp. Wojciech Koza, KP PSP in Jędrzejów

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