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Jelenia Gora. PiS removed from power in the Karkonosze district

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During Wednesday’s session of the Karkonosze county council, the coalition partner was changed. So far, the coalition of Together for the Region and Law and Justice has been in power. Now, the Civic Platform (Platforma Obywatelska)) has come to power in place of PiS.

The Wednesday session of the county council began with the submission by the starost Krzysztof Wiśniewski (Together for the Region) of motions to dismiss the chairman of the council Eugeniusz Klesty (PIS) and vice-starost Jarosław Kotliński (PiS). The conclusions indicated the lack of cooperation with the board and the poviat council in the case of the chairman and the loss of trust in his deputy – here we are talking about the deputy starost.

Klesta himself resigned from office before the vote. – I categorically disagree with the allegations regarding the appeal. I am a legalist, I am not going to block any actions. The resolution to dismiss the county treasurer will be processed today. Therefore, I consider the accusation of a lack of cooperation with the council or the management board to be misguided, ridiculous and embarrassing. I have never blocked anyone from speaking. It follows from the laws of democracy that sometimes you have the majority and sometimes you lose it. However, for me, certain moral principles are paramount, and to allow certain actions would be an insult to me. I would like to thank the councilors for their cooperation so far and, feeling responsible, I am resigning from the position of the Chairman of the Karkonosze District Council – he declared.

Councilor Edyta Bielecka from the Civic Platform was elected as the new chairperson.

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Change of power in the district

In the later part of the session, the vice-starost Kotliński also lost his job, who was replaced in the position by Mirosław Górecki from AFTER.

– Thank you for the trust, especially in my club. It was an interesting experience. Władysław Bartoszewski’s motto “It’s worth being decent” hangs in the deputy starost’s office. This is what I tried to be guided by, I carried these words in my heart, not on the wall. The mayor’s justification is a mockery and a joke. They wanted my head, they have my head, but don’t say that I let you down – said Jarosław Kotliński, quoted by the portal 24jgora.pl, addressing the last words to the starost Krzysztof Wiśniewski.

– I think that the deputy mayor – probably in these emotions – did not read the application and justification for the appeal. In it I am not referring to our work and cooperation. I will say more, I had a good time working with Jarosław, we solved many problems together. In the justification, I focused only on the issue related to the treasurer – emphasized the starost Wiśniewski.

Session of the Karkonosze county councilTVN24 Wroclaw

In the background, the conflict with the treasurer

It is the issue of the conflict between the county treasurer and the starost that is – at least according to official announcements and statements – crucial for the case. Grażyna Bojęć held the position for several years. In 2022, the inspections of the Regional Accounting Chamber and the Supreme Audit Office overlapped. Both are bad for the county. Starosta Wiśniewski blamed the treasurer for this. Bojć refutes the allegations, accusing his superior of mobbing. The case is in the labor court, but also divides the councillors.

– The treasurer has not been at work since April, I have lost confidence in her. It was a difficult time, Wisniewski said. The starost pointed out that throughout this period neither the vice-starost Kotliński nor the chairman Kleśta had the will and desire to solve this problem. Hence the appeals.

– The situation is deeper, it is not just a matter of voting on this motion, it is an issue that arose much earlier, related to a certain system and the way of managing the county office by the starost. We do not agree to certain situations that we consider unacceptable. If there is an accusation of mobbing in the background, the situation is too serious to continue in this sick system. We always stand behind the one who is weaker. In this case, it is the treasurer – said Edward Klesta at the council session.

Klesta added that Mrs. Bojęć “is not the best treasurer, but she is not the worst either” and that the county could count on her for many years, so she does not deserve to be dismissed a few months before pension.

Ultimately, the treasurer was dismissed from her post by 10 votes to 7. Two abstained from voting.

Main photo source: TVN24 Wroclaw

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