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Jennifer Lopez admits: I’ve had a series of panic attacks. Her bodyguard persuaded her to visit a specialist

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Jennifer Lopez admitted she had panic attacks. In her opinion, the poor mental state resulted from overwork and insufficient sleep. A security guard persuaded the singer to go with it to a specialist. He could see something bad was happening to her.

Lopez wrote about her health issues in “On the JLo”, the newsletter she uses to communicate with her fans. She admitted she experienced anxiety disorders and a series of panic attacks caused by physical and mental exhaustion and a lack of sleep. One symptom was a feeling of “physical paralysis”.

– There was a time in my life when I slept three to five hours a day. I worked on the set or in the studio all day and all night, and on weekends I organized social gatherings or shot movies. I was turning thirty and thought I was indestructible – she confessed.

Lopez didn’t know these were panic attacks

At one point, she became immobilized, which she describes as “complete freeze”, and she stopped seeing clearly. “One day I was sitting in a trailer when I was exhausted by work and stress. As I was not providing my body with enough sleep, I was unable to recover mentally.”

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“Now I know it was the classic exhaustion panic attack, but I’ve never even heard the term before,” she added. The security guard persuaded her to visit a specialist. The doctor said that she should change her lifestyle. He also recommended Lopez sleeping seven to nine hours a night, and giving up caffeine and exercising.

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Jennifer Lopez talked about panic attacks (2019 photo)Shutterstock

“I have completely neglected my needs”

It was at a time when the artist was working on her debut album “On the 6”, and her performance in the film “Selena” earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance in a Comedy or a Musical. “I completely neglected my needs, I did not take care of myself at all,” she admits now.

It was then that she decided to change her habits and, as she claims, has been living a very healthy and balanced life since then. “Sometimes I wake up and say: Wow! My face has just gotten 10 years younger,” she wrote.

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