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Jill Biden. The US First Lady recalls divorce and a time to fight for her independence. “I experienced the breakdown of my first marriage a lot”

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“I knew I would never put myself in a situation where my lack of financial independence would force me to get money through a divorce settlement,” recalls her failed marriage, Jill Biden. The First Lady of the United States in an interview with “Harper’s Bazaar” tells how much she believed in love and how it was disappointed.

Bill Stevenson’s first husband, the future First Lady of America, met when she was still a teenager. When they married in 1970, Jill Jacobs was 18, her husband was several years older. His parents adored him. The young spouses were students at the University of Delaware. Jill dreamed that they would earn degrees together. And it was she who was most surprised when five years later her husband dropped out of college, and then also his wife.

She grew up in a loving home with her four younger sisters. Jill’s parents staring at each other seemed natural. My father worked full-time, my mother looked after the house. – Friends were welcome in our home at any time. The suitors felt so good with us that many times when I went out on a date with a new boyfriend, I would see my ex engaged in conversation with my dad at the dining room table.

The current first lady, remembering herself in her youth, adds: – I believed that love conquers all. I don’t think I’m wrong. But I soon realized that as I was growing up, I had missed a few important details.

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“The divorce was an emotional distress”

– I believed very much in the institution of marriage. When our marriage broke up, I broke down, recalls Jill Biden. Divorce, he admits, was an emotional torment. She was left alone, destitute. She felt lonely and unhappy. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she mentions that her parents offered her to return home, but she refused. The divorce settlement money was enough for her to rent a one-room cottage in which she lived until she graduated.

First Lady Jill Biden during a meeting at a school in Bucharest PAP / EPA / CRISTIAN NISTOR

In 1977, she married a second time, to Joe Biden. She had met him two years earlier during a blind date arranged by the brother of the future president. After the first meeting, she was to say to her mother: “Mom, I’ve finally met a gentleman.” After the wedding, she became the stepmother of his two sons from his previous marriage. In 1981, their daughter was born.

– I knew that I would never again put myself in a situation where a lack of financial independence would force me to get money through a divorce settlement. I instilled this into my daughter Ashley. I kept telling her: be independent, be independent. And to my granddaughters that you have to be able to deal with yourself.

The first lady did not quit her job as a lecturer

As Harper’s Bazaar notes, the First Lady remains true to her principles: she is the first woman in the history of the United States to remain a First Lady without giving up her previous job. She is still a lecturer. As she says, it is not her profession, but identity. He is not going to give up on it. For many years, he has been teaching English not at prestigious universities, but at public, local collages.

– From an early age I knew that I wanted my own money, my own identity and my own career (…). The beauty of being the first lady is that you can define this position however you like – she said in an interview after her husband, Joe Biden, was sworn in as President of the United States.

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Main photo source: Adam Schultz / White House

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