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Jill Biden. What role does Joe Biden's wife play in his campaign?

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Joe Biden is perhaps the most important person in the world by virtue of his position, and the most important person in his world is his wife, Jill. The first lady, who married him almost a half-century ago, stands by her husband. That was after the debate, when she told her husband's supporters, “We will not let 90 minutes define four years of your presidency.” Now she is firmly urging him to keep fighting.

She is unconditionally loyal. Unconditionally supportive. Jill Biden praises and encourages her husband. Especially when he needs it most. Like right after the disastrous debate with Trump.

– Joe, you did great. You answered all the questions. You had all the facts – said Jill Biden, the first lady of the United States.

First on the campaign front line

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They have been married for 47 years and have a daughter, Ashley. When they met, she was divorced and he was a young widower with two young sons. Over the years, each has pursued his own career. Jill Biden is a lecturer and English teacher, but today she spends most of her time as first lady. She is on the front lines of the campaign.

– You may have heard the anecdote that I agreed to marry him only on the fifth time he proposed. But the truth is that I loved him from the very beginning – Jill Biden said at one of the campaign meetings.

The American media write that if Joe Biden consults with anyone about his possible decision to withdraw from running again, it is his wife. Apart from the president himself, she will have the most to say in this matter.

“Jill has a huge influence on him”

– Biden is a very sociable politician, and yet he has a very small number of people around him on whom he relies on for key issues, notes professor Larry Sabato, a political scientist at the University of Virginia.

“Jill has a huge influence on him. The president trusts her completely. They talk about things, and she advises him,” says Hans Nichols, a political reporter at Axios.

In February, a New York Times reporter described Jill Biden as the president’s gatekeeper, making sure his speeches aren’t too long and he always has time to rest. She quizzes aides and offers her own observations.

“The first lady's influence is felt both in the White House and on the campaign team. No one doubts that her priority is to protect her husband and family. That is why Jill Biden was directly involved in hiring all the press office staff and the president's closest advisers,” we read in the “NYT”.

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Questions about Joe Biden's resignation continueMarcin Wrona/Fakty TVN

Right after the debate with Trump, a new issue of Vogue magazine was released. In the cover story, the American first lady was presented as the president's closest associate, but also as one of his strongest assets. She is the one who is supposed to talk to him about the needs of ordinary Americans.

“It's about a lot of different things. I tell him about what I see and what I hear from ordinary people. He understands it,” we read in “Vogue”.

She never became actively involved in politics, but she helped her husband realize his dream of the White House.

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