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Joachim Brudziński on German gas and World War II. Comments on the statements made by a PiS MEP

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Joachim Brudziński quoted the entry “one of his friends” during the discussion on renewable energy sources. – Today, Germany is trying to force Poland to share gas with them, because they shared their gas with us during World War II, said the PiS MEP. Marcin Kierwiński, MP from the Civic Coalition, referred to his words. As Joachim Brudziński commented, “making crude jokes (…) shows the terrible face of PiS.”

Joachim Brudziński took part in a discussion in the state television studio on renewable energy sources. Opposition politicians criticized the prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki for ineffective actions on this topic in their opinion. His actions were defended by Brudziński. At some stage, the conversation turned to the topic of the statement by the head of the European People’s Party, Manfred Weber, who proposed that the European Union countries should share gas.

– Weber’s idea that European countries such as Poland should share gas fortunately has been included in the taxonomy, as well as the atom, against idiots who tried to force only energy from renewable energy sources at all costs – he said, among others MEP PIS.

Brudziński on German gas and World War II

– You are talking about Russian coal. Germany today they bought virtually all coal supplies from Colombia and this naive rhetoric that if we switch to green energy completely, we will be safe, because Denmark, because Germany, he said, addressing PSL MP. – You know what, one of my friends, a very sharp and moving entry said: today Germany is trying to force Poland to share gas with them, because they shared their gas with us during World War II – he added.

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Joachim Brudziński (archival photo)Marcin Bielecki / PAP

Marcin Kierwiński, the secretary general of the Civic Platform, referred to Brudziński’s words. “J. Brudziński, who makes vulgar jokes on TVP about the victims of World War II, shows the terrible face of PiS,” he commented in the post posted on Twitter.

Brudziński himself referred to his statement on the same day. “There is a lot of talk about Russian agents and their effectiveness in manipulating and spreading disinformation. But those who guard German interests on the Vistula are equally effective. It is enough to criticize and recall German crimes, and you can immediately hear a howl,” wrote the Law MEP in social media. Justice.

German threads in the statements of PiS politicians

In December last year, Jarosław Kaczyński – at a meeting of the PiS club in the Sejm – said that “Germany wants to build the Fourth Reich”. This sparked a wave of comments, not only political but also journalistic, also abroad.

>> Jarosław Kaczyński was to talk about the construction of the Fourth Reich. “FAZ”: the government tightens the tone against Germany

In June this year in Sochaczew, the president of the Law and Justice party raised the German topic. – Anyway, when we said that we would be seriously arming ourselves, the Germans said they would too. So this mechanism has been triggered. Whether the Germans want to arm themselves against Russia or against us, I do not know, but at least they are arming themselves – he said.

He defended this statement Marek Suski, PiS MP and associate of Kaczyński. – Maybe I am allergic, but when I hear that Germany is starting to arm itself, I do not feel comfortable – he said in an interview for Radio Plus, pointing out that the Germans had attacked Poland once.

Kaczyński in Sochaczew also returned to the topic of war reparations from Germany. – They did not settle accounts with us from World War II – he said. He added that now was a good opportunity to apply to Berlin for reparations. – There is something like timing in politics, the moment when you have to come up with certain demands, this one the right moment seems to be approaching, to smash the table with your fist – he assessed.

Kaczyński on reparations from Germany: the right moment is probably approaching, you have to hit the table with your fistTVN24

Main photo source: Marcin Bielecki / PAP

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