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Joachim Brudziński’s people in state-owned companies. Comments from politicians and journalists

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Great builder? Or maybe a good uncle who helps in finding work for the family in state-owned companies? As the joint investigation of Gazeta Wyborcza, Radio ZET and Onet showed, the vice-president of Law and Justice Joachim Brudziński could also build the careers of many friends and associates in state-owned companies. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

The parliamentary committee discussed the possible closure of the Szczecin shipyard – the one that was to be responsible for the construction of the ferry announced with pomp four years ago by key politicians from Law and Justice. The construction stopped at the famous keel.


Krzysztof Zaremba, the new president by education – a political scientist – whom Joachim Brudziński recruited to PiS years ago, was supposed to straighten the shipyard. Last year, the shipyard recorded a loss of over PLN 24 million, it also sits on the supervisory board of the Sea Ports Management Board and the company Orlen Paliwa.

– In my opinion, Joachim Brudziński will go down in the history of the West Pomeranian Province as a great builder, because the West Pomeranian Province is one huge construction site – says Janusz Kowalski, MP of Solidarity Poland.

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All Brudziński’s people

According to the joint investigation of Radio ZET, Onet and “Gazeta Wyborcza”, the vice president of PiS – and now an MEP – could also build the careers of many friends and associates in state-owned companies.

– Nobody can say unequivocally that these people work there or sit on supervisory boards, because Joachim Brudziński decided so, but the malicious say that without his knowledge and will they certainly would not be there – says the journalist of Radio Zet Miłosz Gocłowski.

Joachim BrudzińskiTomasz Gzell / PAP

And so – by chance or not – former assistant from his parliamentary office and deputy in the Ministry of Internal Affairs Krzysztof Kozłowski meets today in the supervisory boards of Polskie Radio Szczecin and Zakłady Chemiczne Police, as well as in the management board of PZU.

Another former deputy head of this ministry, Paweł Majewski, sits on the board of one of Orlen’s daughter companies. Once, a councilor from Szczecin and West Pomeranian Voivode, Tomasz Hinc, became the president of Grupa Azoty, the largest chemical concern in Poland. Another PiS member, Janusz Jagielski, beaten while distributing Joachim Brudziński’s election leaflets, found himself in the position of deputy president of the port in Police.

Journalists found at least a dozen similar stories – people known to Joachim Brudziński from school, studies or party activities, who found themselves in well-paid or very well-paid state positions during the PiS rule.

Brudziński and alleged e-mail regarding employment

– Competences ceased to matter for PiS and the word “CV” turned into two words: “hello, uncle” – says Arkadiusz Marchewka from the Civic Platform. With these words, the woman addresses the PiS MEP in e-mail that was supposed to leak from his parliamentary mailbox. In it, he asks to find a position for himself in the Rzeszów branch of PGE or Grupa Azoty Tarnów. According to Radio ZET, it ultimately goes to this first place.

It is not certain if the e-mail is authentic, Joachim Brudziński did not respond to the contact attempts. The alleged request has not been publicly addressed so far. He ironically calls the investigation of the three editorial offices a “great scandal” and emphasizes that in the ministerial position he was guided by his competence and experience.

– I remember the article, a list of 300 or 8 thousand people employed by the PO in various types of entities related to politics. Fortunately, this period is already behind us – replies Deputy Minister of State Assets Karol Rabenda.

Main photo source: Tomasz Gzell / PAP

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