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Joanna Kryńska underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor. The journalist appeals: “let's get tested”

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Joanna Kryńska underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor. The TVN24 journalist announced her illness on Tuesday and appealed to others not to downplay any disturbing symptoms. “If something worries you, bothers you, or hurts strangely – do as I did – don't leave it,” he emphasizes.

On Tuesday, Joanna Kryńska shared information about her recent cancer diagnosis. As she wrote on social media, her brain tumor was removed at the end of March. Although it was only half a millimeter from the speech organ, the procedure was a success. Currently, the histopathology results of the TVN24 journalist are said to be “very good”, and the journalist herself “speaks, walks and recovers quickly.”

Joanna Kryńska about disturbing symptoms

The TVN24 journalist admitted in an interview with tvn24.pl that she started suffering from headaches a few months before the diagnosis. – This has never happened to me before. My right temple hurt regularly, for three minutes, every three hours. The headache was strange and disturbing, he describes. What “finally motivated her to see a doctor” was not only the pain, but also an unusual situation that happened to her at work.

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-It was Sunday, I was hosting a morning program on TVN24. During the commercial break, I repeated to myself what I should say after the commercial. And when the light came on (signaling going on air – ed.), I had no idea what to say. I forgot what I read a moment ago. I sincerely apologized to the viewers, the producer quickly played some spare material, she recalls.

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Surgery to remove a brain tumor

The first step to diagnosis was a blood test. – I had a bad prolactin result. I decided not to check anything on the Internet, I didn't google anything during my illness. I trusted doctors and specialists. First, I went to my general practitioner – recalls the TVN24 journalist.

– He sent me a referral for an MRI. I had the test on March 8. The next morning I didn't show up for duty, she adds. As she explains, right after the examination she learned that she had a brain tumor, “probably meningioma.” She underwent surgery to remove it less than two weeks later.

Now, he says, he “gets a lot of support.” – However, the most important thing are messages from viewers who write that they are going to get checked out, that they are going to check out children who are complaining about pain – he admits. And he appeals: “Let's get checked if something worries us.” “If something worries you, worries you, or hurts strangely – do as I did – don't leave it,” he adds.

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