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Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus is charged with participation in an anti-pedophilia campaign in the Catholic Church

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On Thursday, the deputy of the Left, Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus, was questioned at the Toruń-Śródmieście Police Station on the charge of committing a misdemeanor while participating in an action against pedophilia in the Catholic Church in August 2018. As she reported, she pleaded not guilty. She informed that she had requested that the case be heard by the court.

April 28 The Seym revoked Scheuring-Wielgus’ immunity. The request for consent by the Sejm to hold her accountable for the misdemeanor was sent in December 2018 by the police commander in chief. The deputy was to hang children’s shoes and posters “Baby Shoes Remember. Stop pedophilia” on the entrance gate to the cathedral basilica of Saint Johns in Toruń.

After questioning at the police station, Scheuring-Wielgus said that she had been charged with Art. 63 and par. 1 of the Code of Petty Offenses. This provision stipulates that “whoever places an advertisement, poster, appeal, leaflet, inscription or drawing in a public place, or displays it elsewhere without the consent of the administrator of that place, shall be subject to the penalty of restriction of liberty or a fine”.

Lifted immunities of Scheuring-Wielgus and NitrasTVN24

The MP said she found out at the police station that she was blamed for something else because she believed the summons was about her hanging her shoes on a fence, and it turned out to be a piece of paper that read: “Baby Shoes Remember. Stop pedophilia. Strike. Strike. women “.

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– Honestly, it made me laugh a bit, because I was hanging my shoes – I remember that, but for me to hang a piece of paper – I have no idea. Maybe I was hanging it. When the policewoman asked if I was guilty, I said no, because I don’t know if I had put the card on hold. I saw the card and it was definitely not my handwriting – said Scheuring-Wielgus.

The deputy emphasized that she did not plead guilty and asked to read the case files, which is to take place on July 26. She added that during the hearing she had requested that the case be considered by the court.

Joanna Scheuring-WielgusRafał Guz / PAP

Asp. Wojciech Chrostowski from the press team of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Toruń said that the police did not provide information on this matter.

The “Baby Shoes Remember” initiative was born in Ireland a few years ago. The aim of the action is to draw attention to the problem of pedophilia in the church and to commemorate its victims – especially the youngest and those who did not get justice.

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Main photo source: Rafał Guz / PAP

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