Joanna Skrzydlewska is the new marshal of the Łódź Voivodeship


Councilors of the Łódź Voivodeship elected the voivodeship board on Tuesday. The new marshal was Joanna Skrzydlewska from the Civic Coalition.

Down choice the marshal's decision took place at the fourth meeting. On Tuesday, 17 councilors voted in favor of the election of Skrzydlewska, who received the recommendation of the board of the Łódź region of the Civic Platform. During the discussion, in addition to the KO councilors' club, representatives of the Third Way and the Left expressed support for her candidacy.

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The second candidate – proposed by the PiS councilors' club – was Grzegorz Schreiber, marshal of the Łódź Voivodeship in the last term. 16 councilors supported his election and he did not receive the required number of votes.

“We will change Łódź for the better”

– Thank you to all councilors who voted for me. I hope that over the next five years, together with those councilors from whom I did not find support today, we will work together for the benefit of our voivodeship and change the Łódź region for the better, said Skrzydlewska.

Before the vote, in her speech, the former vice-president of Łódź recalled a quote from former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher: “If you want something to be said, entrust it to a man. If you want it to be done, entrust it to a woman.”

Joanna Skrzydlewska is the new marshal of the Łódź

– We are here because we were supported by voters. Each of us in this room took out a loan of trust from them and now has five years to repay it. I hope we all manage to do this to the best of our ability. Let us be guided every day in our work for the benefit of the inhabitants of our voivodeship by the maxim that a good politician is one who lives for politics, not for politics, she added.

Skrzydlewska is 47 years old and a native of Łódź. She graduated from the Faculty of Management at the University of Lodz, majoring in human resources management. She was a member of the Sejm (2005–2009) and a member of the European Parliament (2009–2014), elected from the Civic Platform lists. In the past, she was also a member of the voivodeship board, and since 2019, vice-president of Łódź. In the April local elections, she was elected as a provincial councilor with the greatest support in the region (she received 40,826 votes).

Joanna Skrzydlewska is the new marshal of the Łódź

Who is on the voivodeship board?

The vice-marshals of the voivodeship were local government officials from Trzecia Droga – Agnieszka Ryś from Poland 2050 and Piotr Wojtysiak from PSL. The five-person management board was complemented by Artur Bagieński (PSL) and Artur Ostrowski (Left Wing).

During Tuesday's deliberations, two vice-chairmen of the local council were also elected. They were Magdalena Spólnicka (KO) and Piotr Bors (Left). The third candidate, Janusz Ciesielski (PiS), did not obtain the required number of votes.

In the previous term, PiS had the majority in the assembly – 17 councilors, with 16 seats for the opposition (12 KO and 4 PSL). The chairman of the assembly was Iwona Koperska from PiS, and the marshal was a politician from this party, Grzegorz Schreiber.

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