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Joanna wanted to take the abortion pill. The police came to the hospital, took her laptop and phone

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During the examination, interrogation, search and answering the phone – this is what the police intervention in the hospital looked like towards Mrs. Joanna. The woman decided to take the abortion pill because the pregnancy was supposed to threaten her health. She informed the doctor about this fact, which started the whole avalanche.

It’s been almost three months since Joanna couldn’t hold back her tears in the hospital, but today she doesn’t feel better. She still lives the day she thought she was going for help, for an examination, but she had an audition ahead of her. “I was told to undress, do squats and cough,” she said.

Mrs. Joanna had previously made a very difficult – as she emphasizes – decision to take an abortion pill, because the pregnancy was supposed to threaten her health. She felt bad both physically and mentally. She informed her doctor about it. The police were called.

– I got undressed. I didn’t take off my panties because I was still bleeding and it was too humiliating, degrading for me, and that’s when I burst, that’s when I screamed in their face, “what do you want from me?” the woman recalls. – Every now and then there were only questions: where is his phone, where is his laptop – reports the doctor of the hospital emergency department to which the patient was sent.

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Abortion and the threat to the mental health of pregnant womenTVN24

The police took her laptop and phone

The ER doctor, who wants to remain anonymous, told how the intervention against Mrs. Joanna looked like. Four men were guarding one frightened woman. It formed a cordon around the patient, which made our work difficult. They were not able to say why this patient is being kept by them – the doctor reports.

As Mrs. Joanna recalls, “the word crime was repeated over and over again”. At some point, the woman noticed that her laptop was missing. On the recording made available by an ER employee, you can hear the doctor intervening in the matter of Joanna’s computer. The policeman stated that he was “secured for detention” and asked not to hinder their activities. The doctor considered calling the police. “As a police officer, I am lecturing you that it is an offense to call a police patrol unjustifiably,” said one of the officers.

The doctors on duty were checked, and Mrs. Joanna, escorted by the police, was transported to another hospital with a gynecological ward. Another patrol was already waiting there, and another one was called. The woman was also forced to hand over the phone.

– You can feel like in a police state, like in a totalitarian state, like in a Kafkaesque situation – says Kamila Ferenc, attorney, Joanna’s attorney.

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Court: Joanna was not a suspect

When the Krakow police are asked to answer why the intervention was undertaken and why it proceeded in such a way, they refer it to the prosecutor’s office. The prosecutor’s office only stated that the presence of the officers was due to the need to assist the Medical Rescue Team and that it was conducting an investigation on the basis of articles about assistance in abortion and persuasion to commit suicide.

Mrs. Joanna admits that the phone call to the doctor could have sounded dramatic, but she assured me that she did not want to hurt herself. “Just being depressed is not a reason for the police to be there.” If that were the case, half of the country should be assisted – believes the doctor of the hospital emergency department to which the patient was admitted.

Storm after Jarosław Kaczyński's words about abortion

Storm after Jarosław Kaczyński’s words about abortionMarta Warchoł/Fakty po Poludnie TVN24

Mrs. Joanna kept telling the policemen that no one was helping her. She ordered pills online. “The word ‘abortion’ almost triggered a manhunt,” the woman recalls.

– Today, public officials want to prove to the authorities that they oppose abortion, that they are prosecuting it, points out advocate Kamila Ferenc.

The court, examining the complaint about taking the phone and ordering its return, reminded the policemen that Mrs. Joanna was not a suspect, nor was there even a prospect of bringing charges against her. In Poland, you are not responsible for inducing an abortion in your home. The law does not punish women. “The police intervention completely broke me. She destroyed me, says Joanna.

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