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Joan’s case. Minister Maląg demands an apology to the police

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The police do not apologize to Joanna, but the authorities demand an apology to the police. Once again, when a citizen clashes with the authorities, the rulers do everything to discredit the citizen and the free media reporting the truth.

“We act for Poles, for Poland, out of love for Poland” – this is how the Minister of Family and Social Policy Marlena Maląg commented on Joanna’s case. The politician also stressed that “the word of apology for what happened is due.” However, it’s not about apologies to Joanna. “I’m sorry”, according to Minister Maląg, for the alleged lies and hate speech.

SEE THE MATERIAL OF “FACTS” TVN: Joanna took the abortion pill. The police came to the hospital, took her laptop and phone

– The action of hounding Mrs. Joanna has begun, while she has the right to demand compensation from the Polish state – judges Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, a member of the Civic Platform, former .

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Joanna was immediately presented as unreliable in police statements. Police wrote that “there was an odor of alcohol” and stressed that the woman was undergoing psychiatric treatment and had suicidal thoughts, as if that was an excuse. The claim has already been removed, but the information has been provided.

At the press conference, the Chief of Police Jarosław Szymczyk also revealed the details of the talks on the intervention, despite the fact that they are intimate and sensitive. The doctors of the hospital emergency department, in the opinion of the policemen, are also guilty because they hindered the work of the uniformed officers. In turn, the state media hit Joanna’s lawyer.

All this as if Mrs. Joanna was not a victim, but acted in hostile conspiracy against PiS – this is the message of power and public media.

“I think it is beyond doubt at this point what was the main reason for the police’s action in this case.”TVN24

Associations with protests after the tightening of the abortion law

– The government does not apologize in any case. I think the word sorry is on the index. This is a political attitude: we do everything as it should be – says dr hab. Tadeusz Kowalski, member of the National Broadcasting Council appointed by the Senate.

Just like in the case of the clash of the government column with the seicento – the authorities are to be absolutely innocent, and the citizen has no chance. The cases are connected by the same – dealing with them – prosecutor from Krakow. Joanna’s case is also another one that is related to the change in the abortion law. It recalls cases of death when patients were denied necessary abortions.

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The humiliating actions of the police in the case of Mrs. Joanna are also associated with brutal actions against women in the pacification of protests after the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal. The authorities before the elections do not want these associations. – Hence such a sharp reaction – judges Magdalena Rigamonti, a journalist at onet.pl and a member of Press Club Polska, and adds that it may be about “fear of women, fear of their rights, fear of freedom, fear of street protests”.

Sroka: Mrs. Joanna did not commit a crime, and she is treated as a person who would at least be charged

Sroka: Mrs. Joanna did not commit a crime, and she is treated as a person who would at least be chargedTVN24

Proceedings of the National Broadcasting Council against TVN

The head of the National Broadcasting Council – close to PiS – initiates another investigation against TVN. – For PiS, the media is either a tool of its own policy, or an enemy – comments Juliusz Braun, former chairman of the National Broadcasting Council.

The head of the National Broadcasting Council, Maciej Świrski, had earlier started similar proceedings after reports about John Paul II or manipulations of the Macierewicz subcommittee on the Smolensk case.

– Law and Justice completely does not understand the role of the media in democracy. They want to see the media as an extension of their policy, says Krzysztof Luft, a former member of the National Broadcasting Council. – This is an action against citizens, this is an action against the right to the truth – adds Magdalena Rigamonti.

Main photo source: TVN facts

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