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Joan’s case. The police showed the recordings – comments

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Was the reason for the participation of police officers in this whole project to help this woman in a state of mental crisis, or was it really the attitude from the very beginning that the slogan “abortion” triggers a whole chain of events – Professor Ewa Gruza wondered on TVN24, commenting on Thursday’s press conference of the chief commander Jarosław Szymczyk’s police in the case of Joanna. “Unfortunately, there seem to be two overlapping truths here,” she added. In the opinion of former policeman Andrzej Mroczek, during the police intervention in the hospital, “priorities were reevaluated”.

In recent days, there has been a discussion about the case of Joanna, who decided to take an abortion pill because the pregnancy was supposed to threaten her health. She felt bad both physically and mentally. She informed her doctor about it. In the Krakow hospital, she was interrogated and searched by the police. The officers took her laptop and phone. The case was presented by “Fakty” TVN.

SEE THE MATERIAL OF “FACTS” TVN: Joanna took the abortion pill. The police came to the hospital, took her laptop and phone

The court, examining the complaint about taking the phone and ordering its return, reminded the policemen that Ms. Joanna was not a suspect, nor was she even considered to be charged.

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Jarosław Szymczyk, the chief of the police, presented recordings at a press conference, which recorded a call to the emergency number by Mrs. Joanna’s doctor and the receipt of a report in this case by the police. When asked by TVN24 about the actions taken by the police in the hospital, Szymczyk said that “this is a normal procedure for people who we suspect want to take their own lives.”

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Andrzej Mroczek, a former police officer, deputy director of the Terrorism Research Center at Collegium Civitas, and Professor Ewa Gruza, a forensic lawyer, referred to the case in “Tak jest”.


Gruza: Unfortunately, two truths overlap here

“Unfortunately, we think that two truths overlap here, one of which is definitely not true,” said the professor. – Was the reason for the participation of policemen in this whole project to help this woman in a state of some kind of mental crisis that she was having, because this is an attempt to explain whether it is really the attitude from the very beginning that the word “abortion” triggers a whole chain of events she wondered.

– And it’s not important to help this woman, it’s not important to take care of her, it’s not important to assist her so that she gets safely to the doctor, to the hospital. Only, above all, a focus on success: “we will strive to find the one who distributes certain funds” – she said.

“And that’s really the answer to why this woman was treated the way she did,” she added.

Mroczek: there has been a reevaluation of priorities

Andrzej Mroczek admitted that he watched General Szymczyk’s press conference. – The commander-in-chief pointed out that he relies only on the materials that are available to him at the moment, with which he has become acquainted – he said.

– But this does not change the fact that in my opinion there has been a re-evaluation of priorities, where they have been focused on what they should not be. This woman’s health should be the first priority, he said.

Main photo source: PAP/Radek Pietruszka

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