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Jodie Foster criticized Generation Z. “They are really annoying”

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They’re really irritating, especially in the workplace, said Jodie Foster, speaking to the Guardian about working with actors from Generation Z, i.e. those born after 1995. She didn’t have to wait long for an answer.

Jodie Foster on the attitudes she has observed among some representatives Generation Z, she told in an interview for “The Guardian”. – They’re really annoying, especially in the workplace. They say: “No, I don’t feel it, I’ll come at 10:30” – said the 61-year-old actress, pointing out that she also encounters misunderstanding from her younger colleagues when she points out grammatical errors in e-mails and asks if they “checked the spelling “. – And they said: why should I do that, isn’t it some kind of limitation? – added Foster.


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The actress, who started her career when she was a child, admitted in an interview with a British daily that she often meets young actors on film sets. “They have to learn how to relax, how not to think about it too much, how to come up with something that is theirs,” Foster said. “I can help them find it, it’s much nicer than being, with all the pressure, the main character of the story,” she added.

Jodie Foster criticizes Generation Z

A fragment of the star’s statement about “really annoying” representatives of Generation Z was widely commented on social media. Many young people expressed outrage at Foster’s statement in posts on the X platform (formerly Twitter). “I’m sorry that Gen Z doesn’t want to be a victim of a toxic work culture,” one user wrote. “Boomers like to stay stuck in the past,” added another.

“Is it possible that Jodie Foster’s frustration with Gen Z’s work style stems from the generation gap and perhaps their unconventional approach to work has merit?” – another person wondered. People who agreed that Foster was right also spoke out. “It all comes down to work ethic, and many teenagers (not all) simply don’t have it,” said platform user X.

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Jodie Foster in a new role

Jodie Foster has won three Golden Globes and two Oscars. She received her first Oscar nomination – for her role in “Taxi Driver” – when she was 14. She played in films directed by Martin Scorsese, David Fincher, Robert Zemeckis, Roman Polanski or Spike Lee. The actress will soon be seen in season 4 series “Detective: Land of Night”, which will hit the HBO MAX platform on January 15. She played the role of policewoman Liz Danvers.

“True Detective: Nightland”, HBO Max series, Jodie Foster

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