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Joe Biden assures: I can still win the election

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Joe Biden has held a series of meetings with Democratic Party donors and assured them that despite his poor debate performance, he is still capable of winning this year's election.

67 percent of those watching the presidential debate in USA decided that he won it Donald Trumpand only 33 percent indicated Joe Biden – results from survey conducted on behalf of CNN. The debate has increased Americans' concerns about Biden's age. Leading American media even suggest changing the Democratic party candidate.

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Biden-Trump debateCNN PHOTOS / CREDIT CNN

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Biden assures donors: I promise I will win

On Saturday, Biden held a series of meetings in New York and New Jersey with donors who give money to the Democratic Party. He assured them that despite his poor debate performance, he could still beat Donald Trump.

During the meetings, Biden admitted that “it wasn't a great evening for him,” but noted that it wasn't great for Trump either. – I promise you I'll win these elections – he told the donors.

The president said he understood the concerns raised after the debate, but pledged to fight even harder.


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