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Joe Biden – Donald Trump debate. Who won? Poll

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67 percent of those watching the US presidential debate believed that Donald Trump won it, only 33 percent chose Joe Biden – according to a survey commissioned by CNN.

The results of the survey, conducted among 565 voters watching the debate in Atlanta, show that Trump did better and Biden worse than originally expected. Before the debate, 55 percent of those same respondents predicted Trump would win, while 45 percent predicted Biden. In a similar survey After Biden and Trump's first debate in 2020, the Democratic candidate won by a similar margin, 60 percent to 28 percent. Despite Trump's clear victory, the poll suggests that the debate did little to change voters' assessments of the candidates. 57 percent of respondents said they had no confidence in Biden's ability to serve as president, while 44 percent said the same about Trump. Before the duel, 55 percent said they had no confidence in Biden, compared with 47 percent in Trump.

Michigan Undecideds Give More Votes to Biden

More nuanced opinions were expressed by participants in a focus group of undecided voters in the key swing state of Michigan. While some said Biden’s uncertain performance undermined their confidence in his ability to do his job, others recalled that Biden has always had a stutter problem and has been more focused on giving factual answers about politics. In the end, half of the 16 participants in the survey said Biden was the winner, six said Trump, and two were undecided. At the same time, only five people raised their hands when asked whether the debate helped them decide who to vote for.

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Biden-Trump debate

Joe Biden and Donald Trump They faced off in the first debate before the autumn elections. elections presidential. The current and former White House hosts answered questions on the economy, abortion and international affairs, including the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Trump said Putin's terms for ending the war were unacceptable, but said he would bring an end to the conflict before he became president. – If Russia will not be stopped, let's think what will happen to Poland, z BelarusWith NATO countries – Biden said in turn.

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A rebroadcast of the debate with Polish translation will be available today at 9 a.m. on TVN24 BiS.


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