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Joe Biden in his address to the nation about Putin, Poland, the Baltic states, Ukraine, Israel and the fight against terror

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US President Joe Biden said in his address to the nation that if the democratic international community does not stop Vladimir Putin, he will not stop in Ukraine. – Putin has already threatened to remind Poland that its western lands are a “gift” from Russia – he said, also pointing to the words coming from the Kremlin towards Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. He emphasized that the US will defend every inch of NATO land. Joe Biden also announced that on Friday he would ask Congress for a significant package of funds for Ukraine and Israel.

– If we do not stop Putin’s appetite to rule and control Ukraine, he will not be satisfied with just her. He, Putin, has already threatened to remind Poland that its western lands are a “gift” from Russia, and one of his closest advisers, the former president of Russia, called Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania Russia’s Baltic provinces, said the US president Joe Biden in a speech in the Oval Office at the White House.

He referred in this way to Putin’s words from July, when the Russian president said that he would “remind” Poles that their western lands were a gift from Stalin.

– If Putin attacks a NATO ally, we will defend every inch of NATO land – emphasized the American president.

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In this way, in a televised speech delivered in prime time, the US President justified the need for further assistance to Ukraine in the face of growing resistance in Congress and weakening support in society. Biden argued that helping Ukraine now is a way to avoid the need to involve US troops and incur even greater costs in the future.

– Just two weeks ago Putin said that if United States and their allies withdraw their aid to Ukraine, she will have a week to live. But we will not withdraw it, he emphasized. Biden also noted that allowing Russia to win would embolden other countries and mean chaos would spread to the Indo-Pacific and Near East.


Biden will ask for support for Ukraine and Israel

He announced that on Friday he would ask Congress for an aid package for Ukraine and Israel that would ensure “uninterrupted” supplies of equipment to Ukraine and “unprecedented” support for Israel. He also appealed not to let party disputes stand in the way of America’s vital interests. He also explained that the money approved by Congress is spent to replenish the equipment donated to Ukraine and goes to the US arms industry.

He also talked about what connects both cases. – Hamas and Russia represent different threats. But what they have in common is that they want to completely annihilate neighboring democracies, the president said.

– We cannot and will not allow terrorists like Hamas and tyrants like Putin to win. I will not allow it. In times like these we must remember who we are, we are the United States of America. And there is nothing beyond our capabilities if we stay together, he appealed.

According to media reports, the package that the White House is to request from Congress on Friday is expected to be much larger than the $24 billion that the administration requested in the summer and which was supposed to be enough for the quarter. According to Bloomberg, the total amount of the package is to be USD 100 billion, but it will also include funds for aid for Israel, Taiwan and for securing the US borders. According to Reuters, the White House wants to ask for $60 billion in support for Ukraine and $14 billion for Israel.

The fate of these funds may depend largely on choice new Speaker of the House of Representatives. The work of Congress has been paralyzed for two weeks after the dismissal of the current Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy.

Republican candidate Jim Jordan, who opposed further aid to Ukraine, is unable to obtain a majority of votes, but there is currently no candidate who would have a chance of being elected. Republicans also failed to agree on the idea of ​​giving full powers to interim Speaker Patrick McHenry to allow a vote on aid to Ukraine and Israel.

Main photo source: JONATHAN ERNST/PAP/EPA

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