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Joe Biden in Kiev – comments. “Washington Post”: American president leads Europe

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US President Joe Biden’s visits to Kiev and Warsaw are commented on by the Washington Post. The American daily wrote that it resembles who actually leads Europe. “If Ukraine depended only on Europe, it would already be Russian,” he added, quoting statements from American and foreign analysts.

The Washington Post noted that Joe Biden announced another $1.5 billion military aid package for Ukraine and declared “an unwavering commitment to Ukraine’s democracy, sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

The American daily stated that the American leader will repeat in Warsaw that the US under his leadership has united most of the West and FOR THIS in defense of Ukraine, in solidarity, which – in his opinion and other leaders of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization – will last.

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The Washington Post quoted from the right-wing biweekly opinion magazine National Review, which praised Biden for his “courage” to venture into an active war zone within reach of Russian attacks. “Americans may well disagree about what happens next … but no one should have any illusions about the power of an American president going into a war zone to reach out to a beleaguered nation and offer ‘unwavering support’, assessed the “National Review”.

Joe Biden traveled to Kiev by train POOL / Reuters / Forum

“The United States, and the Biden administration in particular, play a key role in defending Europe”

In turn, quoted by the “Washington Post”, Eliot Cohen, a former official in the administration of US President George W. Bush and a professor at Johns Hopkins University, noted that Joe Biden wanted to strengthen the morale of Ukraine and the commitment of ambivalent Europeans and neo-isolationist Americans. “His real audience, however, is elsewhere, as was indicated by remarks about the power of the West,” Cohen noted, suggesting that it was about Russia.

In his opinion, Moscow’s hopes for a quick victory came to naught. He compared Biden’s speech in Kiev to “a blow to Putin”.

The newspaper admitted that it was uncertain whether public opinion in Western countries that support Ukraine would maintain that support indefinitely. “But it is certain that United Statesand in particular the Biden administration, play a key role in defending Europe” – argued “WP”.

“If Ukraine depended only on Europe, it would already be Russian”

With regard to the talks about the need for European “strategic autonomy”, which originated even before Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, which was justified, among other things, by the growing US involvement in domestic and Asian affairs, the daily recalled the considerations at the 2020 Munich Security Conference on the “era of the West” .

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“The neologism captures a sense of uncertainty and inconsistency in what it represents or stands for in the West,” the Washington Post explained. At the same time, the newspaper stressed the opinion of Richard Fontaine, chief executive of the Center for a New American Security, about the weekend conference in Munich, who stated that “the West is now unified in its goals.”

About America’s primacy casting a shadow over humbler efforts France and Germany, styling themselves as continental leaders, told the Washington newspaper Peter Neumann, a professor of security studies at London’s King’s College. In his opinion, Europe is only able to act together on significant issues if and when America leads.

As the Washington Post recalled, Neumann recently told an Austrian newspaper that if Ukraine depended only on Europe, “it would already be Russian.”

Main photo source: POOL / Reuters / Forum

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