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Joe Biden in Kiev. Ukrainian deputies learned about the US president’s visit at the last moment

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Even Ukrainian parliamentarians learned about the previously unannounced visit of US President Joe Biden from the media. Kira Rudyk, a member of the Supreme Council of Ukraine, in an interview with Michał Sznajder on TVN24, assessed that the arrival of the American leader to the capital of a war-torn country is a “brave and wonderful move”. “Biden is one step ahead of Putin,” she said.

Monday US President Joe Biden’s visit to Kiev was a surprise even for Ukrainian parliamentarians. Kira Rudyk, a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, found out about something unplanned in the morning.

– A journalist friend of mine, who was staying at the hotel, called me from St. Michael’s Square and said that there are military men in their rooms, they say to close the blinds and not leave the rooms. He asked me what was going on. He said someone very important was coming. Then we learned from the media that President Biden was coming – reported Rudyk in an interview with Michał Sznajder on TVN24.

Ukrainian MP Kira RudykTVN24

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Rudyk: Biden is one step ahead of Putin

The Ukrainian politician assessed that Biden’s arrival in Kiev was a “very brave, wonderful move.” – I can’t even imagine how this visit was prepared from the point of view of security – said Rudyk.

The deputy emphasized that there are no American soldiers stationed in Ukraine, which is at war, and that there is a constant threat from Putin. “It seems to me that what we are seeing now is not just an emotional movement. We have waited a long time for our allies to move from reactive to proactive actions. So that they start to gain the initiative right away. Tomorrow (Tuesday – ed.) Putin will address his people. He was definitely getting ready for this speech, and at the moment Biden is one step ahead of him, stressed Kira Rudyk.

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Mermaids in Kiev during Biden’s visit. “A sign of the reality we live in

Michał Sznajder pointed out that during Joe Biden’s visit to Kiev, the sound of emergency sirens was heard. – It was only a sign of the reality we live in. We can be very emotional, we can say that we want to win, but everyday life is such that you have to hide in a shelter every time we hear that this terrorist attack is underway, that another wave of Russian missiles is coming to kill us – she emphasized. “I think it was very important for President Biden to be part of that experience,” she added.

Kira Rudyk was asked by a TVN24 journalist about the meaning of the US president’s declarations regarding military support for Ukraine. The American leader announced, among other things, that Ukraine would receive from the United States a new military aid package worth USD 500 million, including ammunition for the HIMARS systems.

– There are two sides here. The first is that we need arms supplies to help our brave men and women at the front, to fight to liberate our territory. But the second thing is equally important, that is, that we get fighters that are able to defend our civilians – she emphasized. She added that she was grateful for the tanks being transferred to Ukraine, but at the same time expressed hope that discussions on fighters would not cease. – This is a critical thing for us so that we don’t have to be afraid when the next raid starts. To know we have an extra layer of protection. That at some point we will be able to tell people that they can go to sleep without fear for their lives, said the politician.

Main photo source: TVN24

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