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Joe Biden in Kiev. Who in Poland knew about the visit? Marcin Przydacz answers

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US President Joe Biden, when we greeted him at the airport in Warsaw, was bursting with energy and joking. He is in very good shape, said Marcin Przydacz, head of the Presidential Office of International Policy, on TVN24. He also revealed how many people in Poland knew about Biden’s visit to Kiev, which was hidden until the very end.


President of the United States on Monday evening Joe Biden – after an unannounced visit to Kiev – he landed in Warsaw. Marcin Przydaczthe head of the president’s Office of International Policy was one of the people who greeted the American president at the airport.


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It wasn’t a purely courtesy conversation, but it wasn’t an in-depth conversation either. Such “small talk” after getting off the plane. President Biden is in very good shape. Despite the hardships of his visit to Kiev, he was bursting with energy and humor, he joked, we talked, among other things, about those beasts (limousines – ed.) that drove up to the plane. He also said that he was very pleased with his visit to Poland and was looking forward to meeting President Duda. “See you tomorrow, see you tomorrow” – that’s how we said goodbye – said Radomir Wit’s guest.

Joe Biden at Warsaw Chopin Airport tvn24

Add: those who needed to know, knew

Przydacz was asked if he had known about Biden’s plans to travel to Kiev, which were kept secret until the last moment.

– By the nature of things, due to the subject of security, it was not possible to talk about it. I have been asked many times whether President Zelensky will come to Warsaw or will there be a meeting somewhere in Rzeszów. I always replied that no such meeting was planned, because indeed, in a small group here in Warsaw, we were aware of these plans. It was a high-risk visit.

Joe Biden landed in WarsawTVN24

He noted that “President USA flew through Poland”, so “naturally, those who had to know about it knew.” – However, this was the decision of the president and the government, and such an agreement with the American side that we keep this information very narrow – he said add.

When asked how many people in Poland knew about Biden’s plans, he replied: – I do not want to speculate. I think that when it comes to officials or politicians, there could be a few people – the most important people in the country, who deal with these matters, state security.

– Of course, also a group of people who dealt with security issues there, in the south of Poland – he added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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