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Joe Biden is coming to Warsaw. Guests of Facts after Facts about the visit and prospects for Vladimir Putin

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Joe Biden’s visit to Poland will outline a political perspective, not just a military one, which the West is striving for, Eugeniusz Smolar from the Center for International Relations assessed in “Fakty po Faktach”. In his opinion, at present peace with Russia is impossible. Professor Jan Zielonka, a political scientist, thinks similarly. “Currently, it is difficult to assess how strong Putin’s position is,” he stressed.

Eugeniusz Smolar, during an interview in Fakty po Faktach, emphasized that the start of the war on February 24 last year was preceded by the building of an “ideological and historical formula” by the Kremlin regime. – Before the invasion, we believed in Putin’s rationality. And this move may have been rational, but only in terms of the imperial historiosophy imposed in Russia by the authorities – said the TVN24 guest.

He noted that, in his opinion, peace with Putin is currently not possible. In his opinion, Moscow is counting on the West’s war-fatigue, which will reduce aid for Ukraine. That is why he considered the visit planned for next week so important Joe Biden in Poland.

– A political perspective will emerge, not a military one, which is what we are striving for. This United States they are the real leader of the resistance against Russian aggression – underlined Smolar.

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American support

The expert argued that it was important because the US administration clearly does not talk about “the victory of Ukraine”, but about “supporting it”. – Note that the head of the Pentagon (Lloyd Austin – ed.) also spoke not of victory, but of such a weakening of Russia that it could not pose a threat in the near future – noted Eugeniusz Smolar.

He added that the Republicans are not supporters of the policy of the current (democratic) American president and his openness in providing military aid to the Ukrainians.

But that doesn’t mean America can suddenly turn its back on Europe. A possible defeat in Ukraine would have huge consequences for the US. Nobody wants a failure in the European context – noted the TVN24 guest.

“Time is in Putin’s favor”

Professor Jan Zielonka, a political scientist from the University of Oxford and the University of Venice, assessed that time is now playing in favor of Vladimir Putinand not Ukraine.

“It is difficult to assess the stability of a regime in an authoritarian or authoritarian country”TVN24

– Time is on Putin’s side in the sense that Ukraine suffers huge losses, both human and material. If we don’t help her, she’s gonna bleed out. And this is bad news – pointed out Professor Zielonka.

When asked about what could happen to Russia and the current authorities, he said that it was difficult for him to answer. He recalled that during the Cold War, specialists speculated whether the Soviet Union might collapse. – Ultimately, it collapsed and the same may happen to Putin’s Russia. It’s not like Putin is in power forever. But it is also not that there is already a clearly defined scenario, that there is a strong civil society that wants to sweep it away – said the expert.

He added that the assessment of the real stability of power is very difficult in authoritative and totalitarian regimes.

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