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Joe Biden on ‘collusion’: Where you get this information is top secret

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It’s top secret, joked Joe Biden when asked on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” about the alleged “collusion” between him and Taylor Swift. According to recent polls, 18 percent of Americans believe Biden and Swift are “working together in some way.”

Joe Biden guested on the popular talk show “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on Monday. When the host of the show asked him if he was “in cahoots” with Taylor Swift, the president of the United States of America he joked, “Where do you get this information?” – It’s top secret – he added. Seth Meyers noted that according to the latest polls 18 percent Americans believe that Biden and Swift are “working together in some way.”

Biden on “collusion” with Taylor Swift

Biden recalled that the famous singer supported his candidacy in elections presidential elections in 2020. – Do you think it could happen again? Meyers asked. “I told you, it’s top secret,” the president replied USA. After the program was broadcast, NBC News recalled another popular conspiracy theory about Biden and Swift. It claims that the relationship between the pop star and football player Travis Kelce is actually a fiction and was created to increase interest in the singer, while strengthening the Democratic Party in the 2024 elections.

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Joe Biden on talk show “Late Night With Seth Meyers”Evan Vucci/Associated Press/East News

In January, Fox News host Jesse Watters speculated that Swift might be used for psychological operations by the Pentagon. – Have you ever wondered why and how it became so popular? – he asked the viewers. – Well, about four years ago, the Pentagon’s psychological operations unit proposed that Taylor Swift be a resource during a meeting FOR THIS. What kind of resource? Psy-op (psychological operation – ed.) to combat online disinformation, Watters announced.

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Biden wants to reach young people

Reuters describes Biden’s Monday visit to a popular talk show as one of his attempts “to reach younger voters and allay concerns about his age after prosecutors’ reports revealed issues regarding his memory and mental abilities“.

In February, the US president, who was running for re-election, joined TikTok. Biden’s presidential campaign collaborators said in a statement that they will “continue to meet voters where they are,” not only through TikTok but also through other apps, including even Truth Social, which is owned by Donald Trump. It added that “advanced precautions” are being taken for this purpose. Biden’s appearance on TikTok is “positive evidence of both our commitment and success in finding innovative ways to reach voters in an evolving, fragmented and increasingly personalized media environment,” said Rob Flaherty, deputy campaign manager for Biden.

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Main photo source: Evan Vucci/Associated Press/East News

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