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Joe Biden will come to Poland. Marcin Przydacz on the plans of the US president’s visit

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US President Joe Biden will arrive in Poland. At the evening press conference, the head of the Office of International Policy in the Chancellery of President Andrzej Duda, Marcin Przydacz, talked about the plans of the American leader’s visit. He announced that Biden would deliver a “speech to Poles in Poland, emphasizing the role of Poland and Poles in the context of this crisis that is taking place east of our borders.”

The White House announced on Friday that the US president Joe Biden will come to Poland. – On February 20-22, a visit to Warsaw will be carried out. First, a bilateral meeting with the president Andrzej Duda at the Presidential Palace. The talks will, of course, concern issues of a security nature, but also issues that are on the agenda of Polish-American relations today – said the head of the International Policy Office in the Chancellery of the President at the evening press conference Marcin Przydacz.

He noted that “since 2015, President Andrzej Duda has been working very hard to make this Polish-American alliance in the best possible shape, because it is United States to a large extent, they guarantee the security and stability of our entire region.” – These Polish-American relations, as also indicated by American diplomats, are today in the best possible shape in history. President Joe Biden’s visit will be the best confirmation of this – he assessed.


– President Joe Biden is also planning to give a speech in Poland. Speech to Poles, speech emphasizing the role of Poland and Poles in the context of this crisis that is unfolding east of our borders, in the context of the stabilizing role that Poland and Poles play in this difficult situation for the whole world. At the same time, this speech, as indicated by our American allies, will concern a broader topic of the security architecture of the entire region, he announced.

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– The next day, February 22, in agreement with the American side, but also in agreement with our partners and allies from the eastern flank FOR THIS, the president will co-host the summit of the Bucharest Nine. (…) Here in Warsaw, the leaders of Poland, the United States, but also all countries of NATO’s eastern flank will meet. This shows that today Poland is becoming such a diplomatic center, a center of discussion about what, as NATO, what, as NATO’s eastern flank, we can do to address these security challenges, he added.

Recalling Biden’s visit to Poland last year, Przydacz pointed out that “this shows where we are at in history.” – In two weeks will be the anniversary of the Russian aggression against Ukraine. This year has taught us a lot, showed us who we can count on in allied relations, but it also shows the intensity of Polish-American relations. This has never happened in the history of the Third Republic of Poland the president of the United States of America during the year he visited Poland twice – he said.

Duda: our allied relations are stronger than ever

“At my invitation, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, will come to Poland for another visit. Poland will also be a co-host of the summit of the eastern flank of NATO and the USA. Our allied relations are stronger than ever,” President Andrzej Duda wrote on Twitter.


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