Joe Biden's ABC Interview: “He Couldn't, at least with That One Performance, Change the Course of This Campaign”


Everyone knows that Joe Biden gave the interview to put out the fire, not to talk about his achievements or his vision as a full-fledged candidate or president – said Michał Sznajder from TVN24 BiS on air. Referring to the comments after the interview for ABC, he said that “it all adds up in such a way that regardless of what he did, he was not able, at least with this one performance, to change the fate of this campaign”.

US President Joe Biden said in an interview with ABC on Friday that he would not withdraw from the presidential race and assured of his good health. The American president has repeatedly argued that his poor performance in the debate against Donald Trump was just a “bad episode” caused by a “bad cold” and exhaustion. He emphasized that he is still the best candidate who can defeat Trump.

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Reports of Biden possibly withdrawing from the election emerged after his poor debate with Trump.

“The stakes were enormous”

Biden's interview for ABC was commented on Saturday morning on TVN24 by Michał Sznajder from TVN24 BIS.

He noted that before Biden sat down for the interview, there was a message that “this is the most important interview of his career, so the stakes were enormous.”

Sznajder drew attention to statements by Democratic Party politicians that appeared after the interview, including on the Axios website.

The journalist quoted the words of one of the politicians who anonymously said that “no one has changed their mind, it's time for him (Biden-ed.) to give up the fight for re-election. We want to give him space to make and implement this decision himself”. – Someone else said that he was “shocked that Biden does not understand the reality of the polls” – added Sznajder.

He noted that there was a moment that “sounded like Joe Biden was denying the polls, saying that maybe they were unreliable, imprecise.”

He drew attention to the words of David Axelrod, a former senior adviser to Barack Obama, who wrote that “the president is rightly proud of his accomplishments, but at the same time he is dangerously out of touch with the reality of people's concerns about how he is going to cope.” “Four years ago at this time, Joe Biden was leading Trump by ten percentage points; now he's losing by six percentage points,” Sznajder quoted.

– So it all adds up to the fact that Joe Biden, regardless of what he did, was not able to change the fate of this campaign, at least with this one performance – assessed Sznajder.

– Everyone knows that Joe Biden met with this journalist to put out a fire, not to talk about his achievements or his vision as a full-fledged candidate or president. It was only to convince people that he is still able to fight for another term in health, mentally, intellectually and be president – he said.

Trump “the biggest beneficiary of the situation”

Sznajder said that it is extremely important that the biggest beneficiary of this situation is Donald Trump.

“I had the impression that in this debate he had a strategy of, 'Joe Biden is in such bad shape that I'm just going to let him talk.' And now the world's attention is on Biden,” he said.

He added that Trump has now taken a step back. He mentioned that ABC News also offered Trump this kind of interview, but he did not accept the invitation because “he does not have to.”

Sznajder noted that we do not yet know the viewership figures for the interview, but “the rank of a debate and the rank of an interview organized to dispel something are also simply different.”

He said that there is another issue that is very interesting. – Namely, if Joe Biden said that he is not running, I can easily imagine, and there are already such comments as: “Why is he not running? Because he is not coping, but if he is not coping, then he should immediately resign from the presidency,” he noted.

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