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Joe Biden’s visit to Poland. John Kirby: we will communicate the importance of staying united

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Joe Biden believes that this is the perfect place and the perfect time to send a few messages that we must be determined and maintain unity – said the spokesman of the US National Security Council John Kirby in an interview with Marcin Wrona, TVN correspondent for “Fakty”. He referred to the planned visit of the American president to Poland.

The President of the United States will visit Poland early next week. Joe Biden meeting with the president on Tuesday Andrzej Dudawill also speak to Poles on that day. On Wednesday, he will take part in the summit of the leaders of the eastern flank countries FOR THIS.

Spokesman for the US National Security Council John Kirby said on Friday in an interview with Marcin Wrona, the correspondent of “Fakty” TVN, that the program and schedule of Joe Biden’s visit is fixed.

Kirby: Poland is a great place

Kirby said that “we will communicate to the global community, not just the American community, how important it is to stay united and help Ukraineto win on the battlefield.” – Poland is a great place to do this because President (Andrzej) Duda and Poles have been extremely generous, resilient, determined to help Ukraine. (Joe Biden) believes it is the perfect place and the perfect time “First, we must be determined and united,” said a spokesman for the U.S. National Security Council, adding that Putin “failed to achieve any strategic goals.”

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– We believe that the war will intensify in the spring. We will try to do everything to ensure Ukraine’s success, said Kirby.

When asked what message Biden would like to convey to the Poles during his speech on Tuesday, he replied that it would primarily be thanks. – Poland, as I said, has gone well above its previous position in terms of efforts. It is a great NATO ally, receiving troops. Poland has also welcomed over a million Ukrainian refugees to its homes, he said. He added that the supplies of weapons that went to Ukrainian soldiers are also very important.

Kirby about the presence of American soldiers in Poland

The spokesman for the American National Security Council was also asked if we could expect any announcement regarding the American presence in Poland.

– We are grateful for the support from Poland when it comes to hosting American soldiers on its territory. I don’t think there will be any new announcements about bases. But there is a constant discussion on this with Polish leaders, he said.

Kirby said that before the Russian invasion began on February 24 last year, there were several thousand US troops in Europe on rotation. – Now there are a hundred thousand. Mr. President Biden wants to keep these 100,000 in rotation, because he knows that the security situation in Europe has changed. United States they want to keep the provisions of Article 5 of NATO, strengthen their defensive posture and appeal to the allies to do the same, he stressed.

Main photo source: TVN24

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