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Joe Biden’s visit to Poland. Professor Adam Daniel Rotfeld: I think it will be a message to the whole of Europe and even the world

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President Joe Biden’s speech in Warsaw will be addressed not only to Poles, but also to societies all over Europe and, in a sense, the world, said Professor Adam Daniel Rotfeld, former foreign minister and longtime diplomat, in the program “One on One” on TVN24. He said what he expected from the US leader’s speech.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, US President Joe Biden will pay a visit to Polandwhere he will meet the president Andrzej Duda and will attend the Extraordinary Summit of the Bucharest Nine FOR THIS. This is Biden’s second visit to Warsaw in less than a year.

What can we expect from the US president’s speech and what is the significance of his next visit to the Vistula River, Prof. Adam Daniel Rotfeld.

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What will Joe Biden say in Warsaw?

– I have the impression that it will be a kind of message addressed not only to the Polish society, but also to the societies of all Europe, and in a sense also the world – said prof. Rotfeld. He added that Joe Biden would certainly thank the Poles for their attitude towards millions of Ukrainian refugees. He pointed out that on the same day the State Duma, i.e. the lower house of the Russian parliament, will address Vladimir Putin.

The TVN24 guest recalled the words of the former German chancellor Angela Merkel, which – opening German borders to thousands of refugees from the Middle East in 2015 – assured its citizens: “We can do it!”. – Polish society did not need such a call. It reacted in a way that impressed not only people in Poland, but also people around the world, especially in Europe. This will be the first element of Biden’s speech. The second element will be an assessment of the situation in Ukraine, and the last element will be an outline of the action plan, the diplomat predicted.

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He noted that “expectations on this matter are very different.” – One thing is for sure, United States, which are recognized leaders of the democratic world, will demonstrate their will not only to lead, but also to support Ukraine on the terms that, in a sense, have been defined by Ukrainian society. If there was no such heroic, heroic resistance of the Ukrainians, then the situation would probably be completely different – ​​added the guest of “One on One”

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