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John Kerry in an interview with Michał Sznajder. Joe Biden’s envoy on climate said, inter alia, on energy transformation and aggression against Ukraine

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No man, no politician, no president, no one in the world can stop what is happening – said the special envoy of the US President Joe Biden on climate issues John Kerry in an interview with Michał Sznajder from TVN24, referring to the energy transformation. In his opinion, “people know we have to do this.” The American official also referred to the Russian aggression against Ukraine. – We are working hard together with Poland and also with others to resist what is happening – he said.


There is a special one in Poland US President Joe Biden’s Climate Envoy John Kerry. During his visit to Warsaw, he was interested, among others, in the capital’s electric buses. It was inside one of them that Michał Sznajder, the TVN24 journalist, spoke with the representative of the American leader.

Kerry spoke, among other things, about the energy transformation. – No man, no politician, no president, no one in the world can stop what is happening – he assessed. – Not a single man can block the transformation at the moment. The transformation that is already underway – he added.

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He argued that “the largest corporations in the world have made a decision that they are going in this direction”. He pointed out that in the United States, some companies have decided that “they will only produce electric cars after 2035, and 50 percent of cars sold in the United States will be electric cars after 2030.”

– This is also happening in other parts of the world. The same is related to the buses we are going on now – said Biden’s representative.

He stressed that “the market is a powerful tool”. – Trillions of dollars are starting to flow towards such a transformation. No politician can change that because people know we have to do it. In order to stay alive and to share this burden together – said Kerry.

Excerpt from Michał Sznajder’s conversation with John KerryTVN24

Kerry on the war in Ukraine: we work hard together with Poland

The American official also spoke about war in Ukraine. “We are just as furious at these massive violations.” human rightsthat are happening beyond the (Polish – editor’s note) eastern border, destruction, violation of international law, violation of the sense of decency. We all share this feeling of rage, fear of what is happening in 2022 – said Kerry.

– After World War II, after all that the world has gone through, it is shameful. We work hard together with Poland and also with others to resist what is happening. We must remain fully focused, we must remain fully strong, we must remain fully committed and we must absolutely remember the basic lessons of what happened after World War II, he continued.

“I hope we stick together,” he added. As the envoy of the US President said, “Polish leadership is of great importance, it is very valuable”. “We need to stick together and eventually I think it could become a turning point towards common sense, decency and this set of principles and values ​​around which we can proudly organize our lives,” said Kerry.

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Main photo source: TVN24

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