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John Paul II and pedophilia in the Church. Father Jacek Prusak: let the Pope show his face

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We need to face the historical truth, verify it and not run away from the problem. Let the Pope show his face – said priest Jacek Prusak, a Jesuit, on TVN24. He emphasized that “an emotional reaction is not enough for us to face this problem maturely”.

Marcin Gutowski in the latest report “Franciszkańska 3” from the series “Bielmo” showed previously unknown facts from the life of Karol Wojtyła from the time when he was not yet the pope. The reporter talked to the victims of priests who were subordinate to Cardinal Wojtyla in the 1960s. He reached out to people who personally informed him about crimes committed by the clergy, and to church documents confirming Wojtyła’s actions and omissions.

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Prusak: there is a shock for now, we have to get out of it

On Tuesday, the guest of “Piasecki’s Conversation” on TVN24 was Father Jacek Prusak, Jesuit, Director of the Institute of Psychology at the “Ignatianum” Academy in Krakow.

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He said that in the reactions after the broadcast of the report, he “sees genuine emotions, but not necessarily arguments”. “I’m not surprised by the emotional reaction, but it’s not enough for us to maturely face this problem,” he stressed.

As he said, it is necessary that we “face the historical truth, verify it and not run away from the problem.” – It shouldn’t be an escape, fear. But we are talking here about the reception of a person of great importance for the vast majority of Poles, so each potential flaw in his image causes a defensive reaction, and on the other hand, an inability to deal with this flaw – he said.

– It’s such a shock right now. We have to come out of this shock in order to see from a distance what we are talking about and learn to talk about it in a responsible way, he added.

Prusak noted that “we cannot confuse truth with mythology.” – In a sense, we are de-mythologizing the person of John Paul II, which does not mean that we have to deprive him of the halo. Let’s let the pope show his face as it was, not just the one we are used to and that we like. Then we will deal with it, not projections, he pointed out.

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