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Johnny Depp received a million dollars in damages from Amber Heard. Which charities will he donate it to?

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The million dollars Johnny Depp received from his ex-wife Amber Heard as part of a settlement in a defamation lawsuit will go to the account of charities. CNN obtained information on who specifically will be the beneficiary of these funds.

As CNN reported on Tuesday, a source close to the actor told the station that Johnny Depp will donate the entire amount of millions in damages from ex-wife Amber Heard to five charities. 200,000 will go to each of them. dollars.

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One million dollars for charities

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According to an anonymous source of the station, the organizations to which the funds will go are:

– Make-A-Film Foundation, which works with celebrities to help make seriously ill children’s dreams come true – The Painted Turtle, a summer camp in California for sick children – Red Feather, which helps Native American people with housing issues – Marlon Brando’s Tetiaroa Society, which undertakes efforts to protect the nature and culture of the Tetiaroa Atoll, – Amazonia Fund Alliance, which is dedicated to the protection of indigenous communities in the Amazon.

Johnny DeppDan Kitwood/Getty Images

The verdict in the defamation lawsuit was handed down in June 2022. The court found that Amber Heard had damaged Johnny Depp’s reputation in a 2018 column for The Washington Post. She wrote in it that she had been a victim of domestic violence in the past and that her partner had abused her both physically and mentally. Depp’s name was not mentioned in the article, but the actor and his defense claimed that he clearly pointed to him. The court decided that Heard must pay him $10.35 million in damages for defaming her ex-husband, and Depp must pay his ex-wife $2 million, because the actress proved one of three allegations against her. In December 2022, Heard announced that she had decided to reach a settlement with Depp and agreed to pay one million dollars in damages. Even then, Depp’s lawyers announced that he would donate money to charity.

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Main photo source: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

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