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Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard, the verdict has been reached. They will both pay. How much money will they get? Compensation after the trial

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The judgment was delivered in Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard. The court also examined libel claims from both sides. He agreed with Depp in all the cases raised by him and upheld one of the three accusations on the part of Heard. This made both parties pay. Depp has been awarded $ 15 million in damages, but will get $ 10.35 million. Heard will get two million dollars.

On Wednesday evening, Polish time the court pronounced the verdict after a trial lasting more than six weeks. He agreed with Johnny Depp in all three cases raised by him, and complied with one of the three accusations on the part of Heard.

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What was Depp accused of?

Johnny Depp sued Amber Heard for libel for a column that appeared in The Washington Post in 2018. There were three passages:

I stood up against sexual violence and faced the anger of our culture. This has to change.

Two years ago, I became a public representative of domestic violence and felt the full force of our culture’s anger against the women who spoke about it.

I could see in real time how institutions protect men accused of abuses.

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The court found all three passages defamatory of Johnny Depp – although neither in them nor in the entire article published in the Amber Heard journal did not use his name.

The jury decided that the actress must pay him compensation. However, not the $ 50 million her ex-husband wanted, but $ 15 million. This amount was made up of $ 10 million as part of the so-called compensatory damages, a five million dollars for compensation for moral damages.

The judge in charge of the case informed that under Virginia law, an amount was awarded to Depp will be lowered from $ 15 million to $ 10.35 million. This is because the maximum punitive damages in Virginia is $ 350,000.

Depp vs. Heard. JudgmentREUTERS POOL

What was Heard about?

Amber Heard said in her counter-suit that she was defamed by excerpts from articles published by former Depp defense attorney Adam Waldman in the Daily Mail. These words are:

Amber Heard and her friends in the media use the false accusations of sexual violence both as a sword and as a shield as appropriate. They chose several of her sexual abuse scams as a sword, imposing them on the public and on Mr. Depp.

It was an ambush, a hoax. They wanted to set up Mr. Depp by calling the police, but the first attempt was to no avail. The policemen came to the apartment, searched and questioned people, and left because they had not seen any traces. Amber and her friends poured some wine and devastated the surroundings, consulted their side of the story with lawyers and journalists, then called the police again.

We have reached the beginning of the end of Mrs. Heard’s slanderous abuses against Johnny Depp.

The jury found that only the last quote was defamation of Heard. He ordered two million dollars in damages for her.

Both cases were decided unanimously.

Main photo source: EVELYN HOCKSTEIN / EPA / PAP

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