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Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard – Pending Judgment. The jury interrupted its deliberations. She had to ask the judge in charge of the case

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A jury deciding in the defamation case Johnny Depp brought against his ex-wife Amber Heard on Tuesday failed to pass a sentence. During the session, she asked the judge, Penney Azcarate, who dealt with the case, to explain one of the issues to them. The jurors will meet again on Wednesday and debate again.

Two hours on Friday and eight on Tuesday were not enough for the jurors to decide the Depp-Heard case. Finally, in the early evening they interrupted their meeting and will continue it on Wednesday, trying to end the proceedings that have been followed by the whole world since the beginning of April.

A seven-member jury sitting in a Fairfax County District Court, Virginia, has an extremely difficult task. They are a group of citizens facing difficult legal issues related to defamation. The jury’s decision concerns not only Johnny Depp’s request, but also Amber Heard’s counter-claim.

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The jury expresses doubts

The jury’s deliberations are secret, but one element of it did not have to fill out this protocol on Tuesday, and it caught the attention of the media and commentators in the last hours. At one point, the jury took a break to get help in resolving an issue that was unclear to it. She asked investigating judge Penney Azcarate whether the lawsuit covered the entire article published in The Washington Post in 2018 or just the headline of Amber Heard alleging her ex-husband of sexual violence.

The name of the actor “Pirates of the Caribbean” did not appear in the text even once, in his and his defense’s opinion, however, the details of the publication pointed directly to him.

The headline read that Heard “spoke out against sexual violence – and was met with the anger of our culture.” Judge Azcarate informed the jury that the subject of the trial in this item is the headline of the text, not the entire text.

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Johnny Depp sued Amber Heard for libel

Johnny Depp sued his ex-wife for defamation for writing in a Washington Post column that she was a victim of domestic violence. According to Depp, she abused him both physically and verbally. The actor is demanding $ 50 million in damages due to the fact that his career slumped after publication and he lost the chance for several important roles.

Heard denied this and retaliated with her own $ 100 million lawsuit, accusing Depp’s defense of having wrongly labeled her “a fraud” after the publication of the article. During the hearing, the actress accused Depp of repeatedly committing violence against her under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

The trial, which began on April 11, was completed in late May. The actors met in 2009 and were married in 2015-2016. In August 2016, the ex-spouses reached a divorce settlement with a joint statement stating that their relationship “was intensely passionate and sometimes fickle, but always bound with love.” The divorce was finalized in 2017.

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