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Jordan, attack on a US base. White House: We are not seeking war with Iran, but we will respond. Pentagon: attack has traces of Hezbollah

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This was a very serious attack that had deadly consequences. We will respond, and we will respond appropriately, said John Kirby, spokesman for the US National Security Council, referring to the attack on the US base in Jordan. He added that the services are analyzing the level of Tehran’s involvement in the attacks. He also noted that Washington “is not seeking war with Iran.” The Pentagon’s deputy spokeswoman, Sabrina Singh, admitted that the strike “has traces” of Hezbollah activity.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby was asked Monday during a White House press briefing whether the president Joe Biden considers striking on Iran in connection with Sunday’s drone attack on US forces in Jordan at the Tower 22 base near the border with Syria. According to Pentagonthree soldiers were killed in the attack and over 30 more were injured.

– We are not looking for war with Iran. We do not seek to further escalate tensions. (…) The intention of everything we have done so far has been to try to de-escalate these tensions, he said. He emphasized that “it was a very serious attack that had deadly consequences.” – We will respond, and we will respond appropriately, Kirby said.

Kirby said that although the US services are investigating the degree of Iran’s involvement in the attacks, it is clear that Iran supports terrorist militias in Syria and Iraqwhich they have made since October over 150 attacks against US forces in the region.

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– We know they support them. We know they provide them with resources. We know they are training them. We know they certainly don’t discourage them from attacking them. Is it attacks Houthisor what Hamas did on October 7 (the attack on… Israel – note ed.), or what Hezbollah can do. And of course what these militias are still doing now in places like Iraq and Syria,” Kirby continued.

However, he stressed that he would not speak in advance and “announce blows” from the United States. He also rejected accusations that the Biden administration’s strategy is to silence Tehran and that it only encourages Iran to carry out further attacks due to the lack of serious consequences. Kirby recalled that Washington has imposed more than 500 sanctions on Iran, and that retaliatory strikes against militias attacking American soldiers have so far been serious and effective and “have had a definitive impact on degrading and disrupting the activities of some of these groups.”

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“Traces of Hezbollah”

As Pentagon deputy spokeswoman Sabrina Singh said on Monday, it has not yet been determined which specific group is responsible for the attack. However, she added that the strike “certainly has traces of Kataib Hezbollah,” an Iraqi-based militia that has attacked U.S. forces many times before. Singh said that the United States Central Command (CENTCOM) is investigating the circumstances of the attack and the type of drone used.

“We are not seeking war, but we will take action and respond to attacks,” Singh said.

According to American media, the enemy drone was not shot down because it was flying behind the American drone, which was returning to the base at the same time. An official from the Ministry of Defense quoted in the media said that the enemy drone flew “very low and very slowly” at the same time as the American drone. At that time, the automatic response functions of the air defense system were disabled so as not to shoot down the American drone, the official added.

– I saw these reports. This is something that the Central Command is looking into, Singh said. She also noted that, apart from the fact that American soldiers were killed, Sunday’s attack was not much different from others that had not caused serious injuries to soldiers or damage to infrastructure so far.

The victims of the attack were U.S. Army Reserve soldiers from Georgia. They took part in the US mission against the so-called Islamic State.

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