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Journalist Anna Rokicińska apologized to the police for a mistaken intervention in her house and an offensive entry

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Police Commander-in-Chief Jarosław Szymczyk apologized to the journalist of Radio Nowy Świat Anna Rokicińska for the offensive entry posted five years ago on the official Twitter profile of the police. That was the court’s decision. – The police apologized to me not because they wanted to, but because I forced them to do so – Rokicińska told Wirtualna Polska. A few years ago, the police raided her home and handcuffed her in front of her children. The intervention turned out to be a mistake.

In March 2018 ununiformed police officers entered the apartment of journalist Anna Rokicińska by mistakeworking for Radio Three at the time. The officers searched the woman’s backpack, which contained her business belongings, including a radio microphone and a press ID, threw things out of the wardrobe and took mobile phones and flash drives, the journalist later reported. In front of the children’s eyes, the police handcuffed her and threatened to arrest her. – The Lord addressed me as “you.” Vulgar words were also spoken in my presence – said Rokicińska in an interview with TVN24. After three hours, the officers realized that they had come to the wrong address.

“We are extremely sorry that this has happened. We assure you that all the circumstances of this case, as well as the behavior of the police officers performing the activities, will be thoroughly clarified – said the spokeswoman of the Mazovian police headquarters after the incident, Podinsp. Katarzyna Kucharska.

However, it did not end there. On March 30, the official police Twitter account tweeted: “Horribly weak. This journalist turns up and does the show cries, but still I suppose our police officers were allowed to talk a lot. I suppose since there was a supposedly such a mess as in a den, this appearance lulled their vigilance”. It was a comment to the entry of “Rzeczpospolita” regarding the incident in the journalist’s apartment. Minutes later, the tweet was deleted.

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KGP spokesman Mariusz Ciarka apologized for the entry. “Personally sorry. This was a comment by a user posted to our profile that was completely MISTAKE copied further on. “The malice of dead things.” This shouldn’t be happening. Instead – we pay attention not to write like that even in the comments copied to the profile. We removed it immediately,” he tweeted.

The police formally apologize

As Wirtualna Polska reminds, in 2019 the court of appeal found that the journalist had been unjustly detained by the police and awarded her compensation in the amount of PLN 12,000. On March 9, 2023, five years after the incident, the court ordered the police to apologize to the victim. Anna Rokicińska informed HR about the verdict.

The apology was posted on the official website of the Polish police. “Due to the fact that on March 30, 2018, on the official profile of the National Police Headquarters on Twitter, a statement was published commenting on the unjustified and illegal detention of Mrs. Anna Rokicińska – Chacińska in her family home (…), which downplayed the illegal the detention, and in an unacceptable and humiliating way, referred to the private sphere, which is the family home of Anna Rokicińska – Chacińska, which constituted a violation of Anna Rokicińska – Chacińska’s personal rights in the form of honor, good name and personal dignity, I deeply regret and apologize to Mrs. Anna Rokicińska – Chacińska – Chacińska and her immediate family “- we read in the entry signed by the Chief Commander of the Police Gen. Jarosław Szymczyk.

– After 5 years, the police apologized to me. Not because she wanted to, but because I forced her to do it – said WP Rokicińska. – People who have fallen victim to similar mistakes call me. Application? The police do not draw conclusions from their mistakes, so we, the taxpayers, will pay for such mistakes – added the journalist.

Wirtualna Polska, tvn24.pl

Main photo source: PAP/Tomasz Waszczuk

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