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Journalist’s birthday. Tomasz Siemoniak excuses himself and apologizes: I did not drink alcohol, I had no contact with PiS MPs

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Tomasz Siemoniak apologized for “all public consequences” of his recent actions. It is about his participation in the journalist’s birthday last week, during the session of the Seym. “I regret that on Friday after 9 p.m. I did not stay in the Sejm, but I felt obliged to confirm the invitation and the intention to personally submit my wishes” – he explained in an entry posted on the Internet. He assured that he did not consume alcohol on the spot and that he had no contact with PiS politicians there.

This week Borys Budka and Tomasz Siemoniak from the Civic Platform “they made themselves available“Donald Tusk in connection with his participation in a birthday party with one of the journalists during the session in the Sejm.


Siemoniak: I regret

On Friday morning, Tomasz Siemoniak, vice-chairman of the Platform, spoke on this matter. “Although I do not speak in the media, out of respect for the questioners here, I am briefly answering: I did not drink any alcohol at the meeting, I had no contact with PiS deputies there” – he informed in social media.

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In a post on Facebook, he stated that he had exchanged “a few words at the exit” with one of the ministers, an MP from his district, and also with his wife, “in a larger group”.

“I did not know who would be. I regret that on Friday after 9 p.m. I did not stay in the Sejm, but I felt obliged to confirm the invitation and to make my wishes personally. No one from the media asked me where I was on Friday evening before Tuesday’s publication” – he translated.

The journalist’s birthday was attended by, among others, the head of the Prime Minister’s office, Michał Dworczyk, Law and Justice MP Marek Suski, former Minister of Health and Law and Justice MP Łukasz Szumowski, Solidarna Polska MP Tadeusz Cymański, and Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, president of the Polish People’s Party.

Siemoniak admitted here that the political consequences “are hard and clear”, and he bears them himself by putting himself at the disposal of Donald Tusk. He added that he had “absolute confidence in the 30 years of cooperation” in the former prime minister’s assessments and political sense.

“And with those who have been destroying the Republic of Poland for 6 years and with their wickedness, I intend to continue to fight with full determination. In every role that I will play” – he declared. He thanked for the “expressions of support”, adding that he “humbly accepts the harsh criticism”. At the end of the post, he apologized for “all the public consequences” of his actions.

Tomasz Siemoniak in the Sejm Chamber in March 2020Leszek Szymański / PAP

Borys Budka has not yet spoken on this matter.

Main photo source: Leszek Szymański / PAP

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