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Józef Peruga is 85 years old and has just taken his high school final exams. “I'll pass, okay. I won't pass, that's okay too”

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A resident of Kalisz proves that you can write your high school leaving exam even at the age of 85. Let's keep our fingers crossed for him as he waits for the results. At any age, you can also think about studies. In turn, universities are constantly thinking about new directions.

He proves that anything is possible. At any age. – I'll pass, okay. I won't pass, so that's fine, sums up Józef Peruga, this year's high school graduate.

It's about the high school leaving exam. Mr. Józef Peruga from Kalisz took this exam this year. At the age of 85. He prepared for his final exams on his own. – Everything was from books and I remembered a lot from high school – says Józef Peruga.

Universities are competing with each other in creating new fields of study

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Mr. Józef and over 300,000 other high school graduates will learn the exam results on July 9. Then recruitment for studies will begin in earnest, and there is a lot to choose from. Universities compete with each other in creating interesting fields of study.

New at the Gdańsk University of Technology: industry 5.0 technologies. The course is intended to create modern engineers fit for modern times.

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– He must not only be able to program, but also integrate with the industry and know the systems – says Professor Piotr Jasiński from the Department of Functional Materials Engineering at the Gdańsk University of Technology.

The University of Gdańsk offers the field of study: historical game design. Minimum lectures, maximum projects and almost half of classes in English.

– This field of study includes not only the design of computer games, but also the design of board games, role-playing games and city games – says Dr. Wacław Kulczykowski from the Institute of History of the University of Gdańsk.

“The world of herbs has no secrets for us”

At the University of Life Sciences in Lublin, for several years now it has been possible to study herbalism and phytoproducts, i.e. the use of herbs for medicinal or cosmetic purposes.

– The world of herbs has no secrets for us and we want to convey this to our students – says Professor Renata Nurzyńska-Wierdak from the Department of Vegetable Science and Herbology, University of Life Sciences in Lublin.

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You can study viticulture and winemaking at the West Pomeranian University of Technology. According to the university, this is a very promising field in our geographical location.

– It's already so warm in the south of Europe that we can't actually grow these vines, but in Western Pomerania it works very well – says Marcin Gregorczyk, head of the Promotion Department of the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin.

Youth is a state of mind

For years, the most popular fields of study have been: computer science, medicine and law. The popularity of humanities and art-related fields is decreasing in favor of more technical ones.

– There will certainly be a great emphasis on the development of digital competences and competences related to the green economy – says Sławomir Szymczak from the Department of Labor of the Lewiatan Confederation.

No studies guarantee a good job. Much depends on individual characteristics and talents. Mr. Józef is not going to college, but he supports everyone who wants to fulfill their dreams.

– It's never too late for anything, because I feel really young – emphasizes Józef Peruga. Because youth is a state of mind and it can be learned.

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